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             Richard Young                                                                                                                                                       5 Channel Court

             Clerk of the Council                                                                                                                                              Burnham-on-Sea


                                                                                                                            TA8 1NE


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Dear Parishioner


There has been a clock in the Church of the Holy Cross tower since the18th Century, the original one being replaced in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. This was paid for by donations from the parishioners of Mark and so the Parish Council became the custodians of the clock.


The clock mechanism, which had previously been hand wound by the bell ringers and church wardens, was electrified in 1972. While the clock has an annual inspection each year it is 10 years since the clock was last overhauled and it has now reached the stage where more extensive work will need to be carried out.


This is a major refurbishment and the quotes we have received are roughly £13,500 for the work to be carried out in situ or roughly £19,500 to remove the clock and carry out a longer lasting repair in the workshop. If we use the cheapest option then further repairs will be needed in a few years time when the total cost is likely to be substantially more.


The Parish Council believe that it would be prudent to carry out the more expensive repair now and appeals have been made to a number of organisations to help cover the cost.  Even if all these appeals are successful there will still be a substantial shortfall which will have to be paid from the Parish Council budget.


This money could be raised by savings from this year’s budget and by using up the bulk of the current reserves. However, this is likely to mean an increase in the precept (Council Tax) which you will have to pay, not this year but certainly in the very near future.


Our precept is currently the lowest in the area and we would like to keep it that way which is why we ARE APPEALING FOR CONTRIBUTIONS from all parishioners in the hope that we can receive enough funds to keep further increases, if not at zero, at least to the very minimum.  


If we are to keep the clock then these repairs are absolutely essential so any amount no matter how small would be gratefully received.


Payments may be made by – 

BACS - Sort Code 60-04-12, Account No. 54174783 , Ref. Parish Clock

or by cheque made out to Mark Parish Council, and sent to

the Parish Clerk, Mr Richard Young, 5 Channel Court, Burnham on Sea, TA8 1NE

the chairman, Mr Simon Emary, Mallards, Fishers Lane, Mark, TA9 4LZ,

or to any Council member.


Thanking you in advance,


Mark Parish Council


January 2020







Check out the National Grid page to see page 2 of their Autumn Newsletter - Mark is going to be affected from early 2020.



November 2019  



Hinkley Connection Project – 

surveys between Bridgwater and Tarnock



National Grid is building a new 57 km long voltage electricity connection between Bridgwater and Seabank near Avonmouth, to link sources of power in the area, including Hinkley Point C, EDF Energy’s new nuclear power station in Somerset, to UK homes and businesses.


As a result of consultation, new T-pylons will be built in the area as part of the overhead lines work. The T-pylon’s lower height and contemporary design will have less of an impact on the landscape than traditional lattice pylons.


The new connection will play a vital role in connecting new sources of power and enable this power to be delivered efficiently, reliably, and safely, whilst also supporting the UK’s move to reduce carbon emissions.


In preparation for construction to begin on the overhead lines in mid-2020, National Grid is carrying out surveys along the route between Bridgwater and the Mendips.


The surveys will continue until around August 2019 and you will see us working in a number of locations along the route of the overhead lines. This will include drilling and digging to assess ground conditions that will inform the detailed design of the pylon installation.


National Grid has appointed Balfour Beatty to carry out this work and we have agreed access to the sites with relevant landowners.


We want to keep you up to date with what we’re doing, and we will be back in touch with further information before starting construction. If you have any questions, or would like a project briefing, please do not hesitate to contact the community relations team on 0800 377 7347 or by email at


You can find more information on all stages of the project on our website at










Now In





Mark Community Association have installed 

FIVE items of

Outdoor Fitness Equipment 

in the grounds of the Village Hall.


The Fitness Area comprises :


Cross Trainer        Spinning Bike       Chest Press / Seated Row


Double Pull-up Bars        Dips / Leg Raise



Click on the link below to see what the equipment looks like and where it is placed!







Fitness Equipment.jpg
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