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June 2023
In November 2022 an application was made to Sedgemoor Council for outline planning permission to mount a major development of a Field at the rear of the Croft on The Causeway. This would have involved the building of 40 Houses on the site and provision of some 38 parking spaces for Parents dropping off or collecting Children at the First School. The applicant made it clear that they would suggest parking restrictions on the Causeway which in effect would prevent the Residents from the Croft and nearby being able to park outside their Homes.
Although there were a small number of letters of support for the proposed scheme, it was clear that the overwhelming majority of persons responding to the planning application objected to it for a number of reasons including poor access to the site to and from the Causeway, the risk of flooding, impractical arrangements for the allocated parking spaces and the lack of consultation with those likely to be effected by the new Development particularly the Residents of the Croft and nearby homes who had not been aware of the Application, in some cases, until it was made. It was also significant that objections were raised by others such as Somerset Highways and the Environment Agency. Mark Parish Council also recommended Refusal.
The planning application was subsequently considered by Somerset Council who have now replaced Sedgemoor as our Local Authority. They refused the application.
Articles have now appeared in the local media which seem to selectively quote from the reasons for Refusal as shown on Somerset Council’s planning portal. It is worthwhile showing the full decision in order to show the full reasons for Refusal.
The development hereby proposed, by virtue of its backland position, its housing estate form of development, its size and scale and the extent to which it projects into the countryside on the north side of Mark Causeway, introduces an alien form of development that fails to positively respond to the character, physical identity and linear pattern of development of the locality, nor maintain existing landscape character. The proposal is therefore contrary to Sedgemoor Local Plan 2011-2032 policies T3a, D2 and D19 and National Planning Policy Framework Section 12.
Inadequate information has been submitted to demonstrate that the sequential test has been passed, in order to confirm there are no alternative sites at lower risk of flooding that could accommodate the requirements of the proposal. As such the proposal is considered contrary to Sedgemoor Local Plan 2011-2032 policy D1 and Section 14 of the National Planning Policy Framework.
Inadequate information has been submitted to demonstrate that the proposal would achieve a satisfactory and safe means of access to the public highway. The proposal is therefore not considered acceptable in terms of access, visibility splays, road layout, and surface water drainage. Furthermore, the access arrangements would result in the intensification of development along this length of the B3139 Mark Causeway which would create potential inconvenience and hazard to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The proposal would therefore give rise to unacceptable impacts on highway safety contrary to Section 9 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and policy D14 of the Sedgemoor Local Plan 2011-2032.
Inadequate information has been provided to determine whether the proposed changes to the access and partial demolition of 1 The Croft would have an acceptable impact on the amenity of existing occupants of the dwelling. As such the proposal is contrary to Sedgemoor Local Plan 2011-2032 policy D25 and National Planning Policy Framework Section 12.
The Applicant and the Investment Company who appear to be backing him may appeal against the Refusal.




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