We have, so far, completed the refurbishment of three finger posts,Harp Road/Causeway, Perry Road/ Blackford Road and Butte Lake Road/Southwick Road. 


I have attached photos of two of these.


The next two posts to be refurbished, Kingsway Road/Church Street and Lockes Broad may be delayed slightly as they both have fingers which need to be “cast” and the forge on the South Coast has a backlog of orders.


We have funds to cover the cost of the work on the first five posts but we still have a further six plus one shared post to complete. Most of these extra posts have damage of some sort and will need casting work done. A villager has donated a signpost base that he purchased at an auction some years ago and we are hoping to use this base to replace the spigot presently being used as a sign post at the junction of Southwick and River Road.


Two of the posts yet to be refurbished may be able to attract funding from South West Heritage fund, but this is yet to confirmed and the help may be minimal.  We are also looking at funding from “Hinckley Point Community Funding” - this can only be used on projects within ten miles of Hinckley Point and again is only minimal.


We will need at least another £5,000 to complete the refurbishment of all the posts in the Parish and I would like to appeal to all those people in the village and surrounds, who have yet to help, to consider making a donation.  The donation can be as large or small as you feel able and should be made out to “Mark Parish Council” finger post appeal.


Our neighbouring Parish of Burnham Without (Covering Watchfield) has agreed to refurbish their sign post and have requested Mark Parish Council to assist them in organising the work to be carried out.  The lead sponsor for Burnham Without is Marg Cornish, at the egg farm, and all donations in their case should be made out to Burnham Without Parish Council.


Geoff Francis











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