MINUTES of a Planning Meeting of Mark Parish Council held at Mark Village Hall on

Monday 27th April 2015 at 6.30 p.m.


Present:- Councillors N Van der Bijl, S. Emary, G Francis, Mrs C Gibson, M. Schollar

Apologies:- Mrs D Bayliss, Mrs E Corkish, Mrs J Weekes



  1. Declarations of interest - None


  1. Minutes of the planning meeting held on 8th April 2015 were confirmed as a correct record


  1. Comments Planning applications :

Planning application 33/15/00019

  • Location: Magnolia House The Causeway, Mark, Highbridge, TA9 4QH
  • Application: Change of use and conversion of storage sheds to holiday lets
  • Applicant: Mr J Balson
  • Comments: We support this planning application as we consider that it complies with policies D2 and D12 of the SDC Core Strategy providing its linked to the main house via a 106 agreement and that occupation is restricted to 11 months out of the year.


Planning application 33/15/00020

  • Location: Ingleside, The Causeway, Mark
  • Application: Change of use and conversion of storage shed to two holiday lets.
  • Applicant: Mr K Leavey

-   Comment: We object to this planning application as we consider it does not accord with the Planning Guidance Note on Conversion of Rural Buildings issued by Sedgemoor District Council. We consider that the shed is not worthy or appropriate for conversion. Part of the storage shed is constructed from single skin block-work with an extension to the main shed and garage attached to the front constructed in wood. We consider that conversion to the proposed use will require significant rebuilding  and alteration. Access  to the site has limited visibility and is close to a sharp bend and we are concerned that it will constitute a hazard to road safety at this point along Mark Causeway. 


4)  Issues that should be reported to enforcement at Sedgemoor District Council -

a) It was agreed to report to enforcement the construction method being carried out on a new building (planning application 33/13/00030) at Trevenna Cottage, Harp Road. The walls of the building are being constructed in breeze block work. However the application clearly states the walls of the new building will be constructed from "sustainable timber (green oak/larch)". The planning officers report states in the second paragraph  "the proposed timber building being set back" and the design and access statement of the application states "the building will be clad in weatherboard". We accept that weatherboard could be installed over an inner block work wall but this is not was applied for or agreed in the planning application. We consider the method of construction applied for in the planning application is a material issue in granting the planning application and the future building.

b) It had been reported by a member of the community that the construction of a building to the North of, Larches, The Causeway, Mark. (planning application 33/15/00015) had already taken place. Cllrs Emary and Schollar agreed to check if this information was correct with a view if it is, and the application was refused by SDC, reporting it to enforcement.


Meeting closed at 07.15pm

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