MINUTES of a Planning Meeting of Mark Parish Council held at Mark Village Hall on

Monday 16th February 2015 at 7.00 p.m.


Present:- Councillors N Van der Bijl, Mrs E Corkish, S. Emary, G Francis, Mrs C Gibson, M. Schollar and Mrs J Weekes

Apologies:- Mrs D Bayliss,



  1. Declarations of interest - None


  1. Minutes of the planning meeting held on 26th January 2015 were confirmed as a correct record


  1. Comments Planning applications :

  Amended plans for planning application 33/14/00036

  • Location: 25 Queensway Close, Mark
  • Application: Rear Extension with conversion into bungalow with annexe. New single skin apex roof garage.
  • Applicant:  Mrs L Franks
  • Comments: We would not have supported the original application as a separate dwelling as it clearly is, and consider that the original application should have been much more clear that the extension is separate to the existing bungalow. We consider that the extension should be linked to the original bungalow via a 106 agreement. 


Planning application 33/15/00003

  • Location: Hedgerows adjoining, Bowbridge Lane, Southwick, Mark,
  • Application: Remove hedgerow from south side A-B (approx 200m) and D-E (approx 185m) Remove hedgerow from east side B-C (approx 275). Total length approx 660m
  • Applicant: Mr C Sweet
  • Comments: No Observations.


Planning application 33/15/00004

  • Location: Magnolia House The Causeway, Mark, Highbridge, TA9 4QH
  • Application: Change of use and conversion of storage sheds to holiday let
  • Applicant: Mr J Balson
  • Comments: We support this planning application as we consider that it complies with policies D2 and D12 of the SDC Core Strategy providing its linked to the main house via a 106 agreement and that occupation is restricted to 11 months out of the year.


Planning application 33/15/00005

  • Location: Hedgerows at, Green Drove, Mark, Highbridge, Somerset
  • Application: Hedgerow removal from west side only A-B, B-D (approx 370m), fromnorth side only B-C (approx 150m), from south side side only D-E, E-F (approx 470m). Total approx 990m Proposed removal is to allow access to ditches for cleaning.
  • Applicant: Mr J Porter
  • Comments: No Observations


Planning application 33/15/00006

  • Location: Uplands Blackford Road, Mark, Highbridge, TA9 4NP
  • Application: Erection of single storey extension between garage and dwelling and replacement of garage roof
  • Applicant: Mr B Penrose
  • Comments: We support this planning application as we consider it does not overlook or compromise the amenity of any other dwelling and in fact will enhance the look of the local street scene.


SCC Planning application 33/15/00007

  • Location: Land at Poplar Lane, Poplar Lane, TA9 4QU (GR: 337812 - 147779)
  • Application: Enlargement and redevelopment of existing sewage pumping station with the removal of an existing kiosk and manhole, the erection of 2 kiosks and the construction of a new underground pumping station, with associated fencing, surfacing and improvements to access
  • Comments: We support this planning application as it will help with existing drainage problems in Mark, with the proviso that it does not give rise to any noise and smell for neighbouring properties.


4)  Issues that should be reported to enforcement at Sedgemoor District Council - None



Meeting closed at 07.26pm

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