Throughout Somerset there are Historic “Cast Iron” finger post signs.  In the past these signposts have been maintained/refurbished by Somerset County Council.  Due to budget constraints this is no longer the case.  If and when one of the cast iron posts is damaged, County will now replace with a scaffold pole with plastic indicator signs attached.


Therefore it is now the responsibility of each Parish to carry out maintenance if they wish to retain the cast iron finger post.


Some of you will have noticed that our neighbouring parish of Wedmore has started on a programme of refurbishment of their finger posts.  To cover the cost of this refurbishment they have asked their local community to “Sponsor” a finger post. 


I have been asked by Mark Parish Council to look into setting up a similar scheme to cover the posts in our Parish.


There are fourteen sign posts within the Parish, three of these are on the boundary, and the posts have between two and five finger signs attached.  In the past I have washed and painted these signs, but this was always a temporary measure as there are many years of cracked and dried paint and rust, which needs to be removed.


The only real long-term option is to sand blast each post and then cover with a base coat and two topcoats of paint. There are also some posts, which have broken, or missing fingers, which need replacing.


The approximate costing, based on the work done for Wedmore Parish Council, are:-

A pole plus one finger                  £200  

A pole plus two fingers                £300

A pole plus three fingers             £400

A pole with four fingers               £500

(This is to blast and paint.)

To cast a new finger (If broken or lost)       £350    (At a forge on the South Coast)

To cast a new collar                 “                     £180                       “

To cast a new Finial                  “                    £275                    “

To cast new spigots                     £50-120 Depending on number of fingers.


The idea would be to refurbish the main road signs first and then work our way out until all are completed. This is a long-term project and could take a couple of years.


I WOULD THEREFORE LIKE TO REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT BY SPONSORING A SIGN POST; DONATIONS CAN BE AS BIG OR AS SMALL AS YOU WISH.   ALL DONATIONS SHOULD BE BY CHEQUE, IF POSSIBLE, AND ADDRESSED TO “MARK PARISH COUNCIL”  When sufficient funds are received we would start on the first post, and continue until all have been completed.  I will of course be contacting all businesses both large and small within the surrounding area to ask for their support also.   All sponsors would be recognised, if they wish, by naming them each month in the parish magazine or on the village Web Site.


Geoff Francis.






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