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Will attended the Audit and Governance Committee on 30 July on its first meeting of the new financial year. The committee considers reports from the accounts Auditors (Grant Thornton) then other reports from the finance team and South West Audit Partnership (SWAP). The Accountants reported that finances were in order and well managed. They are also confirmed that the District is good value for money and a viable ongoing concern. This is very important in this economic climate of reducing Government expenditure and focus on reducing Local Authority rent rates. The Council remains committed to delivering good services within budget.


The SWAP audit looks at ‘risk’. This is the risk that procedures could lead to mismanagement, fraud etc. The conclusion was that there were no high risk items to report and that the items reported were being dealt with swiftly and diligently. They reported that the officers for the areas of improvement required, took their suggestions seriously, openly and with a positive outlook….a very healthy relationship between the auditors and District Officers was frequently mentioned.


At the Drainage Board meeting, it was highlighted that the current lack of rainfall is having a severe impact on rivers and waterways across the UK. Special measures have been issued to farmers and these have been communicated directly. However, should members of the public notice any fish stocks in distress then they are asked to contact the Environment Agency Hotline - 0800 80 70 60 – and report their findings.







 The Village Hall area is a showpiece of Mark for those who live here, for the bowling club and for the clubs, organisations and individuals from outside the Parish who use its facilities for private and recreational activities. The grounds are looked after by the MCA, but, regrettably, their efforts can be undermined by a few careless people. The toddler area is generally kept litter free and most dog owners/guardians are generally responsible while using the grassed pitch, although someone recently left a small used package near a goalpost. The worst area is around the youth shelter where there does seem to be a marked reluctance to deposit rubbish into one of the four waste bins dispersed around the grounds (the nearest being alongside the shelter). This often results in an eyesore litter blown by the wind to other parts of the Village Hall area. Please be a good neighbour, don’t litter. Please deposit rubbish into waste bins.


Traffic Reports

 The Somerset County Council Traffic Engineer for Sedgemoor Area recently reported:

  • A pedestrian scheme in the area of Mark First School is being prioritised against other schemes and will be subject to feasibility study. A solar powered flashing lights advising the 30mph speed limit is in use.  
  • Analysis of data and absence of traffic accidents along Church St. suggests that the Police would not support of a 20mph zone. 
  • Extension of the 30mph limit to cover the Perry Rd junction and Blackford Rd properties will be the subject of a consultation with the Police.
  • The Children Warning Sign to be erected on Blackford Road is imminent. 
  • Yellow chevron signs for the bend at the junction of Yarrow Road/B3139 are also imminent.


  • 00018/LR. Erection of an open-sided steel portal framed building to provide a roof over cattle yard. Greystones Farm, Harp Road, Mark. Recommended.
  • 00011/LR. Erection of single storey extension to rear (north) elevation of dwelling on site of existing storage room. 11 Queensway Close, Mark. Recommended.
  • Appeal: 07/17/00006/STP. Bramble Farm, Harp Road, Mark. Retention of change of use and conversion of farm building to dwelling. Our Not Recommended in the first application stands. (This applications sits just outside the Parish boundary and inside Brent Knoll Parish. In these circumstances, neighbouring parishes are consulted).

Tucker’s Close

The affordable housing project at Tucker’s Close, opposite Northwick Crescent, is scheduled to be opened on 13 September.  Other dates are:

  • 17th Sept. First six homes tenants occupy.
  • 24th Sept. Second six homes tenants occupy.



The boarding element of Mark College closed in June with some children moving to Shapwick House. Regrettably, this has resulted in several redundancies. The College, which is managed by Priory Education and Schools Services was heavily criticised in an Ofsted report for several deficiencies.



PLEASE NOTE. The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 4 September 2018 at the Church Hall starting at 6.30pm.    


Nick van der Bijl

Mark Parish Council


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