JULY 2019




Mark and Wedmore Ward


Polly Costello – polly.costello@sedgemoor.gov.uk 01934 713564

Will Human – will.human@sedgemoor.gov.uk 01278 641795





Polly and Will have now taken up where they left off after the May elections.  Will attended a meeting of the Axe Brue Drainage Board Finance and Governance Committee. This committee looks at the finances of the board and considers expenditure and income. Will suggested that more income could be generated from changing to a different cash banking system and this is now under consideration as a proposal for the next meeting.


Traffic conditions in Mark have deteriorated since the closure of Harp Road, especially on the Causeway during school drop off and pick up times. Will attended a meeting with Anna Yates and the Parish Council to consider ways to try and improve the situation. He then joined members of the Parish Council in trying to help with some traffic management between 0820 and 0900 in the morning. From that meeting and his experience, he would suggest the following to try and help alleviate the problem:

  1. Avoid using the Causeway during drop off and collection times. 0830 – 0900 and 1500 - 1530.
  2. Please could all local businesses that use HGV’s ask for deliveries outside of these times.
  3. If you are a parent using a car to drop off and collect, please approach from the Watchfield end and exit towards Mark. This avoids cars trying to cross across the flow of cars which can lead to severe congestion.
  4. Be patient and polite, we are all in this together.




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