Minutes of the Planning Meeting of Mark Parish Council held at Mark Village Hall on Tuesday 21st July 2015 at 6.30 p.m.


Present:           Councillors N Van der Bijl,  G Francis, D Champion, W Human, Mrs                           A Hanlon, Mrs S Flack,  Mrs J Weekes

Apologies:        Mrs E Corkish


Declarations of interest - None


1.         Minutes of the planning meeting held on 7 July 2015 were unavailable.


2.         Comments on Planning Applications:


            33/15/00027    Chestnut Farm, Southwick, Mark

            Erection of single storey extension to North East elevation and extension of                       residential curtilage and detached double garage

            Applicant:       Mr & Mrs N Skelly

            Comments:      No observations


            33/15/00028   White Horse Inn, Mark

            Display of signage

            Applicant:       Everards Brewery

            Supported because it fits into the commercial need to advertise.


3.         Issues that should be reported to Enforcement at Sedgemoor District                       Council:


            33/13/00030. Trevenna Cottage, Harp Road


            Enquiries are   under way to discover details of the reapplication for re-                   siting of  building and change of building materials. MPC made a

            presentation to the Planning Committee but had heard nothing since.


            33/15/00020. Ingleside, The Causeway


            MPC informed that, because there was no representation from MPC at the             Planning Committee, this planning application was approved.  However                   MPC had not been informed of date of Planning Committee.  Councillor  

           Human will request that MPC is  informed of future planning committee  

           meetings, especially with applications that are not supported by MPC.


4.         Any other matters

            Councillor J Weekes asked whose responsibility is the upkeep of the

            footpath from Littlemoor Road through to Grange Paddock as there were               many weeds that needed to be cut back. Councillor G Francis replied that

            is the responsibility of MPC and that he would attend to the problem.


Meeting closed at 7.15pm

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