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Your local project or community organisation

may be eligible to apply for funding




The Nuttall Trust is a charity which was set up to provide financial support for local projects, community organisations and individuals within four local villages. The Trust was made possible by the generosity of Mr and Mrs. James Nuttall who left part of their estate for that purpose. We are fortunate that Mark is one of those designated communities.


Since establishing the trust in the year 2000, the Trustees have been able to provide grants in support of several hundred different projects and causes within the four communities.


In making available such sums the trustees seek to balance the likely benefit of funding to the community, the level of local support for any specific project and whether there is evidence as to the need for such funding.  The likelihood of the balance being raised from other sources, together with the apparent prospects of the project getting off the ground if funding were to be provided.  In special circumstances support may be considered to help individuals.


If funding is provided it is conditional on being used solely for the purpose set out in the application.


The purpose of this notice is to create greater awareness of the Nuttall Trust within the community of Mark. If you are interested in applying for a grant or would like further information before deciding whether to apply, please give me a call on 01278 641109.    There is an application form, available in paper form or “word” document, which I will forward to you upon request.


All applications are treated in complete confidence and need to be submitted no later than December for review by the Trustees early in the New Year.  If you have applied before, please do not be put off whether you were successful or not in that earlier application.


Richard Banwell

Trustee, Nuttall Trust

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