Trimming Hedgerow and Trees.  Complaints continue to be received of overhanging hedgerow, bushes and trees obstructing highways and pavements. As has previously been mentioned several times in Briefings, a general definition of ‘public space’ is an area or place that is generally accessible and used by people, which includes roads and paths, however there does seem to be differences of opinion as to who is responsible for trimming. Briefly:

  • The Parish Council maintains hedgerow and trees in public areas, such as Jubilee Green and the Cemetery.
  • Owners of private property and residents have responsibility for trimming hedgerow and trees that spill or have spilled into public space back to the border of their property.

If property owners or residents are disinclined to cut hedgerow and trees, the Parish Council can organise for the work to be done and then present the owner with an invoice. The Council would rather that residents and owners accept their responsibilities.    


Mark Play Area. The slide surface has been repaired. Patches have been placed over tears just inside the gate and at the base of steps and the rubbish bin has also been levelled.


Drains. At the September Parish Council Meeting, comment was made that the:

  • The highway drain near 11 Northwick Road appeared to be blocked as water drains slowly after heavy rain.
  • The Church Street drains do not drain after prolonged rain and weeds were growing around some of the gratings.

Somerset County Highways have inspected the drains and have concluded that there are no blockages, nevertheless, the two drains will be checked again during or after rainfall.




The Fingerpost Refurbishment Project. Councillor Geoff Francis reports that about £5,000 of donations has been banked so far. This is a superb and most generous effort. Thank you.  


Following a visit to Somerset Forge to monitor progress, Geoff reports that those fingers taken away have been blasted and are ready for re-installing.  South Coast foundry have experienced delays because the company was inundated with orders for other projects during the summer.  It is hoped that the foundry will soon finish the outstanding work now that summer is over.  Somerset Forge have yet to place the order for the new fingers on the Locksbroad or Kingsway posts. There is a possibility that this order may be transferred to a Midlands foundry where the new fingers could be made of cast steel or possibly aluminium, which is just as strong but much lighter.


Donations are still sought. Every penny counts!




Tuckers Close. The night after Tucker’s Close (affordable housing) was opened on 13 September, there was criminal damage to the street signs being defaced with language that was disrespectful and offensive to the new residents.


MCLT. The MPC Project Liaison e-mail group for the Northwick Affordable Housing website has been closed.



The next Parish Council Meeting will be held at the Church Hall beginning at 6.30pm on Tuesday 6th November 2018.  Please note change of time and venue.



Nick van der Bijl

Mark Parish Council



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