Meeting of Mark Parish Council was held in the Church Hall, Vicarage Lane, Mark on Tuesday, 26th April 2022 at 7.00 p.m.


Present:- Councillor S. Emary (Chairman) Councillors D. Champion, Mrs E. Corkish, W. Human,  D. Sellers and Mrs J. Weekes with the Clerk.


Apology for absence received from Councillors G. Francis and J. Spencer.


56. Declarations of Interest


Councillors Mrs E. Corkish and Mrs J. Weekes declared personal interests in matters relating to the Village Hall. Councillor Champion declared an interest in planning application 009 and abstained from voting.


57. Minutes


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st March 2022 were confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


58. 2021/22 Financial Statement


The financial statement for 2021/22 was formally approved.


59. Annual Governance Statement


The Council agreed the Annual Governance Statement for 2021/22 as required by the External Auditors.


60. 2021/22 Accounting Statement


The 2021/22 Accounting Statement required by the External Auditors was formally approved.


61. Review of Insurance Cover


The Council reviewed their insurance cover and deemed that no changes in cover were necessary.


62. Finance


a) Balance of Accounts


It was reported that the balance of accounts at 1st April were as follows - Current £7,337.21, Reserve £28,506.35.


b) Authorisation for Payment

      It was agreed that the following payments be confirmed:-

000949 Glasdon UK Ltd                       Jubilee seat                                   £1,364.84

DD       SDC                                          salary recharge                             £1,118.48

000950 GWB Services                          grass cutting                                    £393.00

000951 Zurich Municipal                      premium                                          £552.72

000952 Parish Clerk                              expenses                                          £289.47



63. Planning Portfolio


The following planning applications were considered


007 Proposed addition of roof and extension to detached structure to form an agricultural equipment store to the west of Harp Road, Mark – D. Souch – recommend refusal;

009 Erection of agricultural workers dwelling and formation of access, south of Northwick Road, Mark – CS & JM Petheram – recommend permission;

010 Erection of agricultural worker’s dwelling and garage, Moorhouse Farm, Yarrow Road, Mark – J. Porter – recommend permission;

013 Change of use of agricultural building to dwelling to include partial demolition, Hart House, The Causeway, Mark – Mr & Mrs C. Smith – recommend conditional permission.


64. Public Areas Portfolio


a) Highway Matters


Defective nameplates/signs at Harp Road and The Wall had been reported that day. Issues still existed regarding parking in the vicinity of Mark First School at school times. There was no further information from County Councillor Huxtable on the proposed speed survey at Blackford Road.  It was agreed that an additional dog waste bin be installed by the District Council at Littlemoor Road at a cost of approximately £185 and a potential revised location was identified. There was no update regarding the speed indicator devices.


b) Play Area


It was agreed to enter the 2022 Somerset Playing Fields Association Field of the Year Competition


c) Public Rights of Way


Councillor Sellers reported that there were no current issues regarding the local rights of way.


d) Village Hall /Football Pitch Area


There were no issues to report regarding the Village Hall/Football Pitch Area.


65. Web-site Portfolio


Councillor Mrs Weekes reported upon usage of the web-site.


66. H.M. The Queen – Platinum Jubilee


Councillor Mrs Weekes outlined events being organised in connection with the village celebration event. National Grid were donating a hamper to be raffled for parish funds. It was noted that a commemorative bench had now been installed on Jubilee Green and a standard weeping willow tree had also been planted at Jubilee Green with a plaque.


67. Valedictory


As he was planning to step down from the Parish Council, the Chairman thanked Members and the Clerk for all their hard work and support during the past three years and outlined the achievements during that time. Councillor Mrs Corkish on behalf of the Parish Council paid tribute to the work of the Chairman during his term of office.


68. Next Meeting


It was agreed that the next Meeting be held on 10th May 2022 starting at 7.00 p.m.





The Meeting closed at 7.45 p.m.                                              Chairman








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