APRIL 2015



The Highways Agency has extended the yellow Zig-Zag zone from Mark School towards the Harp Rd/Causeway crossroads, primarily, for road safety reasons and also to prevent drivers blocking driveways. 




Work on erecting the solar farm adjacent to Yard Wall Far has begun with the pile driving of several hundred supports and building bridge capable of taking heavy traffic over the rhyne. The pile-driving should cease by Friday 24 April after which the solar panels will be fitted. These will brought to the site from the M5 via Harp Road with only one HGV permitted on site at the time.  Hours of work are 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.  The site is covered by CCTV and will be surrounded by deer proof fencing.  The Right of Way AX23/3 is temporarily closed. The work should be completed by end of June/beginning of July.




The Planning Inspectorate is still hosting the enquiry into National Grid’s application to erect a line of T-Pylons from Hinkley Point to Avonmouth.   Mark Parish Council and other affected Parish Councils oppose the application. Sedgemoor District Council remains generally in favour because it has seen an opportunity for community benefit for projects, none of which affect Mark.    


A prototype of the proposed T-Pylons that will march across the Somerset Moors has been erected at a site in Nottinghamshire.   National Grid spin claims that because they are shorter than the traditional taller lattice, they are less obtrusive than lattice pylons but does not mention that the pylons are almost as wide as they are high.   In Mark, the lattice pylons are shorter than the T-Pylons. Bizarrely, the company claims the design allows them to "follow the contours of the land".   Most pylons do











Temporary Closure of Footpath AX 23/3


TAKE NOTICE that in pursuance of Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the County Council of Somerset hereby issues this Notice PROHIBITING ALL TRAFFIC from proceeding along part of Footpath AX 23/3 from a point 360 metres south of Butt Lake Road and running south west for approximately 400m as there is a danger to the public.


This will enable Belltown Power to develop the site.


The closure will take effect with immediate effect and will remain in force for 21 days.


For further details about the closure please contact Daryl Govan – Belltown Power on 07791 039228



Patrick Flaherty

Chief Executive   21 April 2015







AX 23/1


It was been noted that rubble containing slivers of glass have been deposited on Right of Way from Littlemoor Road through Grange Paddock to Yarrow Road, which presents a hazard of injury to walkers and animals. Dog walkers using the same footpath are taking the responsible action of collecting their dog faeces in a bag, but some are risking that responsibility by leaving the bags on farm fences for someone else to resolve. The last thing we want in Mark is Dog Control zones and therefore dog walkers are reminded and requested to take responsibility for depositing the bags in a bin.    













On 30 March 2015 the police in Sedgemoor reorganised into four sectors. The one that concerns Mark is known as Sedgemoor North-East. It consists of   PC Tracey Stiles and two PCSOs. Their role is patrolling and neighbourhood policing. PC Stiles reports to a Duty Neighbourhood Sergeant and then an Inspector. Police HQ is now in Bridgwater. Mark has a close relationship through its Neighbourhood Watch organised by Peter Higman.











Training Ship Goathland is a Sea Cadet unit recently formed at Axbridge. Known as the Axbridge and Cheddar Valley Sea Cadets, it is seeking young people from villages in the area to join them. The units are always looking for extra hands to help as instructors and be part of the management team.


The Chairman, Baz Hamblin, can be contacted on 07979 994126




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