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Bowling Green, Village Hall




When the Village Hall was completed in 1984, the then Chairman, Roy Norris, invited anyone interested in playing bowls to a meeting to discuss forming a Bowling Club in the village. 


A lot of interest was shown, and two mats were purchased from Porlock and laid in the hall.  Meetings took place on Monday afternoons and evenings, as well as Thursday evenings.  Members from the newly formed Wedmore Club also attended and bowling started during the winter of 1984/85.


The new club took the name of Mark Moor, with the moorhen as their logo, and a committee was formed with Roy Norris as the first Chairman.


In 1987 it was suggested that the Club build an outdoor green and an area of land was leased from Sedgemoor Council, and the task of levelling the ground, as well as picking up stones and debris started.  The land was rotovated, harrowed and rolled.  Tons of top soil was purchased and levelled, and gradually the green took shape.  Work continued during 1988 and by the summer of 1989, bowling was able to take place outdoors


A caravan which had been obtained as the Club’s first club house was replaced in 1991 by a portakabin, and this in turn was replaced in 2004 by the current timber framed club house.  Much of the work being done by the members.


At this time, the Club joined the North Somerset Triples League and also the Somerset County League, which was played on Saturdays.  This together with our friendly matches amounted to 60 matches per season.  At that time, we had 90 members.


In 2014 the Club celebrated their 30th anniversary with two special fixtures again the County Patrons and the County Executive.  


 In  2023 th membership stood at over 80 members.   The men still play in the Somerset County League and also the Weston & District Over-55s League.  The ladies play in the  Victoria League.  The Club also play in mixed friendly matches which are a great way for beginners to gain experience. 
New members are always welcome in this friendly club and coaching will be given to beginners.  Players new to the Club are welcome to a year's free membership (with a small fee to register with the Somerset Bowls Association).




Bill Murphy (Chair)                        01278 641714

Shirley Florey  (Secretary)              07729 618482



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