C.I.L REPORT for 2016/2017




Regulation 62A of the CIL Regulations stipulates that local councils must prepare a report for any financial year in which it receives CIL receipts through meaningful proportion. This report is set out below


  • The total CIL receipts for the reported year - Nil


  • The total CIL expenditure for the reported year - None


  • Summary of CIL expenditure during the reported year including the items to which CIL has been applied and the amount of CIL expenditure on each item – Not applicable


  • Details of any notices received in accordance with regulation 59E including the total value of CIL receipts subject to notices serve and any notice served that has not been paid (Regulation 59E relates to the returning of CIL receipts by the parish/town council to Sedgemoor) - None


  • The total amount of CIL receipts for the reported year retained at the end of the reported year and CIL receipts from previous years retained at the end of the reported year. Nil


Richard Young

Clerk to the Council

13th December 2017


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