You will have noticed as you travel round the village that we have now completed the refurbishment of five of the finger posts - Harp Road/Causeway Junction;  Perry Lane/Blackford Road junction;  Buttelake Road/Southwick junction; Lockesbroad;  and Kingsway/Church Street.  We still have six posts to complete as well as the one at River Bridge, which should be a joint project with our neighbouring Parish of Burtle.


We still have some funds in the kitty but nowhere near enough to complete the work required.  I would therefore request that those members of the Parish who have made pledges to the fund but not, as yet donated, please send your cheques addressed to Mark Parish Council to the Parish Clerk (Richard Young).  The next post to be refurbished will be the one at the junction of Yarrow Road and Yarrow Lane, followed by the one at the junction of Little Moor Road and Pumphouse Road.


Our neighbouring Parish of Burnham Without have raised the necessary funds to refurbish the sign posts at Watchfield and the Mark Road/Watchfield Lane junction.  Somerset Forge have been advised the work should begin soon.


Geoff Francis

February 2019

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