Calls for re-think over National Grid's plans for massive pylons over the Somerset Countryside



The Joint Parishes of Badgworth, Compton Bishop and Mark have been fully engaged in the six year consultation process and have opposed the overhead line option which would blight our countryside with massive pylons.   A petition to the House of Commons has been arranged by James Heappy MP and is being distributed to the residents of Badgworth, Compton Bishop and Mark Parishes.   In view of the delays to EDF's construction of Hinkley C Power Station there is an opportunity to re-consider the newer technologies for sub-sea or Gas Insulated Lines. These options are viable and would have less impact on our countryside.


The text of the petition, to be returned by Friday 23rd October, is as follows :


Declares that the electricity transmission line to be built between Hinkley C Power Station and Avonmouth will have a significant and adverse impact on the visual amenity of this area; further that it will cause significant disruption during construction; further that it will damage the local tourist industry; and further that it fails to employ the most recent technologies for transmitting electricity underground or under the sea.


The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to use the delay in construction of Hinkley C as an opportunity to re-evaluate the strategic options available for the Hinkley Connection Project and to direct that an undersea solution in the Bristol Channel be used instead.


The public's support for this was demonstrated at the first stage of National Grid's Consultation when the vast majority of public responses called for a sub-sea route rather than overhead pylons.


An on-line petition is also expected to be available shortly.





Posted on website - 29th September 2015



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