Roadworks update – Mark parish


15 October 2020




 ​In May, we started work to build the new T-pylons.  Our first activity is to build road accesses, crossing points and a temporary haul road along the route of the pylons. When built, the haul road will help to reduce the amount of construction and other project traffic on local roads.


We’ve completed several road accesses, including the main access south from the A38 at Tarnock and we’re starting to build the haul road. We’ve also completed many of the crossing points where the haul road meets existing country lanes.


In Mark we’ve completed the work on Causeway and complete three out of four road crossing accesses on Pill Road.  We’re currently working on Vole Road and Southwick Road.  The table below shows where we still need to carry out roadworks along with the provisional dates.


Road name 

Start of work 

End date 

Vole Road 

5 October

25 October

Southwick Road 

2 October

2 November

Northwick Road

26 October

30 November

Pill Road 

1 December 

18 December 


Please note that these dates may change at short notice. 


When we are working on these roads, we need to close them to traffic to keep everyone safe.  We recognise this causes delays to journeys and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Before any road closures we will put up advance warning signs and write to nearby residents with details of diversion routes. We will maintain access to properties at all times and we will work with Balfour Beatty to complete the work and reopen the roads as quickly as possible. 




Posted 21st October 2020





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