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Mark Community Association Meeting (MCA) thought it would be a good idea to have a table tennis club at the Village hall.


Costings were done for two tables, bats and balls etc and some surround barriers to help catch any stray balls from flying off to the other end of the hall, (that’s in theory anyway as they always seem to find the gap between the barriers).


This was followed with a notice in the Parish Magazine, Post Office and the usual notice boards asking for people to register their interest. An initial response of over 15 people, exceeding expectations.


At the next MCA meeting, it was agreed to fund the cost of the equipment, knowing that hall rentals from two session per week would soon repay the investment. The equipment was ordered and the first table tennis session started in February 2014. Since then the membership has grown to about 30, some members are more active than others due to work and other commitments.


The club meets on Thursday afternoons between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.


The laughter emanating from the tables during play is wonderful to hear, it is really heart warming to see so many of our villagers enjoying themselves during that two hour session. The club is now thriving, and it brings together people from around the village who otherwise, may not have met and become friends.


If anyone would like to “have a go”, even if you haven’t played before, it’s a terrific social gathering, and you get some exercise into the bargain, please just turn up.


Contact:  Neil Gilmour    01278 641484




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