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Share Ownership



Share Ownership


To become a Shareholder a minimum investment of £1.00 is required.  Any number (up to a maximum set by law) of additional £1.00 shares may be purchased at any time.  Each Member will have one equal vote at Annual/Special General Meetings, irrespective of the number of shares held, and will be able (i) to put themselves forward as a Director and (ii) to elect the Board of Directors.


Unlike a share in a company you will not receive any payment from profits. The shares cannot rise in value but may lose value. You cannot sell them. No interest or dividend will be due and Members are signing up to the Rules as summarized on the application form. To become a Shareholder/MCLT member please complete a Membership Application Form.


Mark CLT’s aim is to hold its assets ‘in perpetuity’. For the medium term the affordable homes may be leased to an affordable housing provider such as a housing association. The CLT may in due course do other things allowed by its Rules.




Mark Community Land Trust Limited is a Community Benefit Society

FCA Registration No. 7131R

Registered Office: Mallards, Fisher Lane, Mark, TA9 4LZ


If you have any queries please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council:


01278 789859 or email here






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