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If you are planning to visit your local recycling site, please remember that all 16 have changed to their autumn/winter opening hours.


All sites will remain open on weekends from 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs.


Midweek, opening days will vary from site to site, please check online.  Recycling sites will be open from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs. 


Highbridge Recycling Centre Opening Hours (Winter 1 Oct - 31 Mar)
Mon & Tues: Closed
Weds - Fri: 0900 hrs - 1700 hrs
Sat & Sun: 0900 hrs - 1600 hrs

We've published our latest recycling tracker, sharing the news that Somerset's recycling rate is now at 56.4%


First pioneered by Somerset Waste Partnership in 2008, the tracker shows what happens to every tonne of household waste - where it goes, the companies involved and its likely use as new packaging and products.


The tracker shows that in 2022/23 more than 142,500 tonnes of material was collected for recycling and reuse, and of that 96.6% stayed in the UK for reprocessing - including 54.4% staying in Somerset. 

Wednesday 4th October, is national No Disposable Cup Day, a day dedicated to encouraging everyone to start stopping their use of single use cups.


In the UK alone we get through around 7 million disposable cups on a daily basis - about 2.5 billon cups a year.


by simply using your own cup, mug or flask you can make a difference and help stem the tide.


The production and disposal of these cups generates carbon, as well as being an avoidable use of the earth's resources.

Repair groups are growing in popularity as people realise the benefits of getting their things fixed and loving them for longer.  Many people are learning and sharing skills to do simple repairs to save money and avoid throwing items away.


Repair events bring people together and offer practical help when commercial repair costs are prohibitive.  Many small repairs are easy to do with little know-how, lots of help can be found online and plenty of people in your community have useful skills. 


Take a look online at the list of local groups and contacts

Recycle More No. 4 dated February 2022
SWP Recycle More No.pdf
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From Sedgemoor District Council dated 17th February 2022




Recycle More Edition 3 dated 27th January 2022
Recycle More Edition 3 dated 27th Januar[...]
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Recycle More Edition 1 dated 22nd December 2021
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