Practice Wednesdays at 7.30 pm

Church Tower


Daphne Isgar (Secretary)

01278 641143






A meeting was held in Mark Church Hall on Friday 2 July 1993 to discuss the formation of a Gardening Club for the village of Mark, at which 16 people were present.  The club was formed on similar lines to the Link-Up Club’s Constitution, based at Kingston St. Mary.    The meeting decided that the Club should meet at the Church Hall and would be on the first Monday in each month.  They also agreed to form a steering group to arrange social events, the dates of the next few meetings and to find a name for the Club!  There were plants for sale at that very first meeting, just as there are today!


Monthly 1st Monday

8.00 pm, Church Hall



Maggie Borham 

01278 641288





The Mark Ladies’ Dining Club meet for dinner on the second Wednesday evening of each month (excluding July, August and December) at various pre-booked local pubs and restaurants. We sit down at 7.30pm but most members like to arrive a little earlier for a pre-dinner drink and chat.


This friendly, informal club was formed in 1996 for local women, with the aim of combining good food with good conversation. It is ideal for meeting new people or catching up with friends and acquaintances from the village over dinner. There are no membership subscriptions, no speeches and no formalities. Attendance may vary from approximately eight to eighteen and you can come as often or as little as you like, though prior booking with that month’s organiser is essential. You pay only for the food and drinks that you order and the bill is paid with a minimum of fuss. Depending on the venue, we may be asked to order food in advance or from a tailored menu. We car- share as much as possible and the organiser can help arrange a lift.


The venues for the year are chosen at our January evening and volunteers kindly organise one evening each, that is, booking the table and collecting and confirming numbers a week in advance.


Full details of each month’s arrangements are found in the relevant parish magazine.


Monthly 2nd Wednesday                   8.00 pm                    

Various venues



Liz Hall

01278 641286






The Mark Baby and Toddler Group meet in the Church Hall, Vicarage Lane, Mark, on Friday mornings during term-time from 9.30am until 11.30am.  Providing a small meeting place for local parents and carers to socialise and bring their little ones to play, the group caters for children aged from Birth up to school age.  A home corner, cars, tent and tunnel, dolls, books, puzzles and a baby corner are regularly on offer and the children have enjoyed a variety of crafts each week with activities such as play dough, painting, colouring and making cards and models.


The group was originally set up in September 2011 by three local mums, Amanda, Paula and Jo, who all had babies under one year old.  With generous donations of toys and equipment from the local community and support from Mark Harvest Pre-school, together with the Church leasing the Hall on a regular basis and agreeing to store the equipment, the new group was up and running with dozens of children attending weekly.


The local Health Visiting Team kindly agreed to hold a weighing and drop-in clinic during some of the sessions, which have proved very popular, so too have events such as picnics in the park, Easter egg hunt with soft play in the hall and the Christmas party, with a special visit from Father Christmas!


Fridays (term-time)                 9.30 am – 11.30 am           Church Hall

                                              12.30 pm - 2.30 pm



Kerry D'Ovidio - 07790 049586

Facebook - Mark Baby and Toddler Group






A committee of elected members and representatives from all village organisations to manage and maintain Mark Village Hall



Neil Corkish (Chairman)

01278 641588





Mondays from 10.00 am                                                       Church Hall



Audrey Cox                                                                              

01278 641576





2nd Saturday in August

Mike Peters (Secretary)

01278 641633






Geoff Francis

01278 641388






The Mark Royal British Legion (RBL) has undergone some changes:



Old Guard

New Guard


David Price (Royal Navy)

John Creber (RAF)


John Creber (RAF)

Nick van der Bijl (Army)

Standard Bearer

Jerry Lock

Jerry Lock


Bill Murphy (Royal Navy)

Bill Murphy (Royal Navy)


Tony Curtice (RAF)

Penny van der Bijl (Army)

Poppy Appeal

Peter Higman (Army)

Peter Higman


The Mark British Legion exists essentially to ensure that its Standard can be paraded on Remembrance Sunday. If they are laid up, they cannot then be paraded.  


It is with regret that Mark British Legion must report the passing of its late Vice Chair and Treasurer. Tony Curtice was born in Plymouth and served as a RAF National Serviceman in the early 1950s, mainly at RAF Scampton. He then pursued a career in banking. He leaves his widow, Marjorie, and two children, Mark and Jo.  David Price remembers Tony was one of those who collected empty bottles from pubs, which were then sold to a firm in Bridgwater. This was a major source of Mark British Legion funding.  





Mark W.I. was formed in 1928 and met monthly in the Church Hall, Vicarage Lane. As it was a "different" kind of group it was very well attended right from the start.  There was a drama group which would put on three one act plays throughout the year, and regular craft and flower shows were held in the Church Hall.  County (Somerset) would organise regular holidays and day trips and members of the other W.I.s in the county could participate in these if they wished.  In their Diamond Jubilee year, 1988, they put on a Spring Flower and Craft Fayre on 26th March with admission of 25p and on 14th April they held a Diamond Jubilee party for their members, again in the Church Hall.  Sadly, over the years membership numbers gradually decreased and by 2010 with less than a dozen members left the Mark W.I. closed.

Then in 2011 the Phoenix rose from the ashes when a local lady exhorted the ladies of Mark to rise up once again and in February 2011 Mark W.I. was reborn.

We meet on the first Thursday of the month, still in the Church Hall, and we have over 30 members. We have a varied programme of events and attend many activities organised by County.  We always like to welcome new members, so come along and join us.


Monthly 1st Thursday                                                           Church Hall



Anne Hanlon (President)


Janet Smith (Secretary)

01278 641589






A theatre club for young people aged 8 and upwards who live in or around the village of Mark.


They meet weekly in term time on Wednesday evenings with their main aim to product a show which is performed over three nights at The Princess Theatre, Burnham-on-Sea. 


See their website for further details.


Wednesdays                           6.00 pm                                   Village Hall



Paul Impey

01278 792340




After graduating from University, Nikki Hewson (nee Lewis) became parish youth leader. During that time, she ran the “Little Church” and it was the involvement in that, coupled with her background in music/ performance and theatre, which led to the start of Mark Youth Theatre.


The first play was a Church Christmas play, written by Nikki and performed in the church hall. Some much loved members of the village were involved, including Arthur Hill who was a wonderful shepherd.  Very humble beginnings but it sowed the seed.  Mark Youth Theatre then became an off shoot of the youth work within the village and with the help of Polly Hall, and the church community, Mark Youth Theatre was born.  The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was the first production when an overwhelming number of children turned up for the first rehearsal.   Parents soon came on board to help and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (adapted by Nikki Lewis and Polly Hall) was performed in the church hall and also at a special Easter Day service at Mark church in 1997.   A Christmas Carol followed in December 1998 with the church being felt to be the most atmospheric surrounding for the performance.  By this time a committee had been established.   Nikki wrote the Theatre of Dreams for the Youth Theatre, and this was performed at the village hall in July 1999.   May 2000 saw A Book of Wishes, again written by Nikki, being performed as a millennium production, and as a community production involving the school and other organisations.


Nikki’s last production was “Rats” at The Princess Theatre in Burnham-on-Sea, and this marked the start of MYT’s association with The Princess.  The age group of children taking part was much lower in the early days. 4 - 13/14 years.   There certainly weren’t many older than that.

There was a real need for something like Mark Youth Theatre in the village and it just worked and it has gone on from strength to strength….. fantastic.


An advertisement was put in the parish magazine in 2002 asking for volunteers as Nikki was giving up MYT to follow her teaching career.   Clare Banwell was one of those who volunteered, and directs Mark Youth Theatre to the present time.






ARCHERY CLUB                          

Coastal Archers was established in 1986. We are a target Archery Club.  We shoot at Red Road Playing Fields, Berrow, and Mark College, Mark.  We have archers who attend tournaments all over the South West as well as members who are just happy to shoot on Club days.  To become an Archer you must undertake six beginner lessons.  If you are interested or would like some more information about the club please go to our website at



Elaine Coward

01278 641620




CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA                                              

Village Hall complex









Mark Badminton started as a club playing at Sexeys School Blackford and moved to Mark when the new village hall was built.  The club played there until the new sports hall at Mark College was built and the club was offered the use of a four court sports hall.   Our club night is on a Wednesday night from 8.00 pm until 10.00 pm all year.  We have a team who play in the North Somerset Badminton League and over the years have been very successful. 



Elaine Coward

01278 641620






We have 60 clubs in this country and many clubs in other countries also. Our Headquarters building in Mark is the centre of our organisation and we have regular events every month with people travelling here from all over Britain and also the world. Our members often use the b&b and other facilities in the village.

Our website is
In the Art of Ki Aikido there is no aggression, tension or competition.  Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and may be practised equally by men and women of any size, age or ability. The purpose of the practise is to learn to co-ordinate our mind and body, through enjoyable exercise, and this will then enhance the quality of our lives. You will find a friendly welcome at the Ki Federation H.Q. where you will be able to unwind and relax positively through effective exercise.
The Causeway, Mark, Somerset, TA9 4PZ. Tel: 01278 641166




Juniors (5 to 14 years): 6.15 – 7.00pm Sensei Sabine Foster

Youths and Adult beginners: 7.10pm – 8.00pm Sensei Will Fearbunce

General class for all grades 8.00pm – 9.00 – Sensei Margaret



All grades including beginners :

12.30 – 1.20pm Sensei Margaret – please check with office before coming.





MARK CRICKET CLUB                                     

Cricket Club ground, Vole Road





Est. 1885




Mark Cricket Club was established as a part of village life in 1885, with the annual Mark Cricket Festival believed to have been the forerunner of the now renowned Mark Harvest Home.


The original home of the Club was the field opposite the White Horse Inn.  During the 1920’s the Club moved to a field along Abbot’s Causeway and then onto Dutch Road before returning to the field opposite the White Horse Inn.  The Club remained on this ground until the 1960’s before being forced to move to the playing field of Mark Primary School.  Unfortunately, the small size of the playing field made playing competitive cricket very difficult. Being unable to find a suitable ground within the village a number of years were spent in Burnham-on-Sea, firstly at St Dunstan’s School and then King Alfred School.


For the last years the Club has played on its present ground at Vole Road, thanks to our landlord originally Mr John Matthews (deceased) and now his daughter Mrs Sally Stocking.

During this period the Club joined the Somerset Cricket League in 1983, with promotions gained in 1990 and 1993.  A 2nd XI was formed in 2004 and joined the Somerset Cricket League in 2004, with promotions gained in 2006 and 2010.


The 2nd XI was formed as a consequence of a concerted effort to develop Youth Cricket within the Club. By establishing a Youth Welfare Officer and by joining the League’s 2ndXI Divisions this has provided competitive cricket for youngsters to enjoy and hopefully progress and develop into 1st XI players for the future.


Although extremely grateful to the ‘Matthews’ family for their support of the Club, the provision of the field is only by verbal agreement, which doesn’t allow for the provision of facilities required of today’s standards. Temporary buildings are in place for the provision of changing and providing Teas but toilet and showering facilities are off-ground.


In order to continue to attract players to the Club and provide facilities of the standard expected of today’s modern lifestyle the Club needs to establish a permanent home. This would allow for the provision of on-ground Toilets, Showering and Changing as well as other permanent facilities for the development of Youth Cricket with practice nets, all weather pitches etc.


To that end, using money bequeathed to the Club from the John Isgar estate the club acquired a field adjacent to the Mark 1st School in 2014.  A Planning Application has now been submitted and the Club awaits the decision of the Parish Council and Sedgemoor District Council. (August 2017)



Contact Richard Cotterell (Secretary) for further information                       01278 641000



MARK MOOR BOWLS CLUB                            

Bowling Green, Village Hall


When the Village Hall was completed in 1984, the then Chairman, Roy Norris, invited anyone interested in playing bowls to a meeting to discuss forming a Bowling Club in the village. 


A lot of interest was shown, and two mats were purchased from Porlock and laid in the hall.  Meetings took place on Monday afternoons and evenings, as well as Thursday evenings.  Members from the newly formed Wedmore Club also attended and bowling started during the winter of 1984/85.


The new club took the name of Mark Moor, with the moorhen as their logo, and a committee was formed with Roy Norris as the first Chairman.


In 1987 it was suggested that the Club build an outdoor green and an area of land was leased from Sedgemoor Council, and the task of levelling the ground, as well as picking up stones and debris started.  The land was rotovated, harrowed and rolled.  Tons of top soil was purchased and levelled, and gradually the green took shape.  Work continued during 1988 and by the summer of 1989, bowling was able to take place outdoors


A caravan which had been obtained as the Club’s first club house was replaced in 1991 by a portakabin, and this in turn was replaced in 2004 by the current timber framed club house.  Much of the work being done by the members.


At this time, the Club joined the North Somerset Triples League and also the Somerset County League, which was played on Saturdays.  This together with our friendly matches amounted to 60 matches per season.  At that time, we had 90 members.


In 2014 the Club celebrated their 30th anniversary with two special fixtures again the County Patrons and the County Executive.  Our membership is now 65 and new members are always welcome. 




John Coleman, President

01278 783368





In August 2008, six members of the Biddisham Club decided that they wanted to play more competition bowls and hold tournaments to raise money for charity.  We wanted a village hall that would take three mats - essential for tournaments - and so we checked out all the facilities in the area to find the right place.  We came across Mark Village Hall and the chairman at the time Mr Neil Corkish, and soon came to an agreement on storing the mats and equipment. The six founding members each put a sum of money into the club to purchase two second hand mats and other equipment to get the club started and named the club Mark Village Short Matt Bowls Club, "The Swallows".

At the present time, we have raised £4,000 for various charities through our tournaments.  We currently have 30 members and welcome new members and guests who would like to come along and give it a try.

The Club meets every Tuesday afternoon at 2.00 pm and Thursday evenings at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall



Peter Allen (Treasurer)                                                                               01278 769139





Village Hall complex


Mark Community Association Meeting (MCA) thought it would be a good idea to have a table tennis club at the Village hall.


Costings were done for two tables, bats and balls etc and some surround barriers to help catch any stray balls from flying off to the other end of the hall, (that’s in theory anyway as they always seem to find the gap between the barriers).


This was followed with a notice in the Parish Magazine, Post Office and the usual notice boards asking for people to register their interest. An initial response of over 15 people, exceeding expectations.


At the next MCA meeting, it was agreed to fund the cost of the equipment, knowing that hall rentals from two session per week would soon repay the investment. The equipment was ordered and the first table tennis session started in February 2014. Since then the membership has grown to about 30, some members are more active than others due to work and other commitments.


The club meets on Thursday afternoons between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.


The laughter emanating from the tables during play is wonderful to hear, it is really heart warming to see so many of our villagers enjoying themselves during that two hour session. The club is now thriving, and it brings together people from around the village who otherwise, may not have met and become friends.


If anyone would like to “have a go”, even if you haven’t played before, it’s a terrific social gathering, and you get some exercise into the bargain, please just turn up.



Colin Holdom                                                                          

01278 641733




MULTI-USE GAMES AREA                                           

Village Hall complex



Neil Corkish

01278 641588





Brent Knoll and Mark Tennis Club



Alison Hillyer                                                                          

01934 815407


























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