MARCH 2022




As you will be aware there are big changes planned for our fine county of Somerset and there is a lot of work behind the scenes in preparation of us coming under a unitary authority, but usual District Council business carries on as usual.


Will attended Full Council at which the budget was set, full details of this can be found on the SDC website. He also attended, as vice chair, an Audit and Standards committee meeting, at which he sent back a report on new policy on planning, as he was not happy with the wording. He continues with the great work with the Mark Speedwatch team, it seems that most people adhere to the 30 speed limit through our villages. Will has also attended Mark PC meetings.


Polly has chaired several Licensing Panels in her capacity as Chairman of the Licensing and General Purposes committee.  Most of these hearings have involved licensed taxi drivers who have had complaints against them. These complaints then go to the Licensing team at SDC, the committee manager asks for committee members to sit on a panel alongside the chair and legal team. The Licensing Officer gives their report to all present, we discuss the offence with the driver and ask questions. After a summary, the panel leave the room to discuss the outcome in private. One driver had his Licence removed due to the seriousness of his offence, others did not renew their DBS so did not get their badges returned and another recieved 4 points on his taxi licence for failing to report a speeding offence.


Both Will and Polly continue to work for the residents of their communities and shall do so for the next year of their elected term.   Neither will be standing in the up coming elections for One Somerset.






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