Mark and Wedmore Ward


Polly Costello – polly.costello@sedgemoor.gov.uk 01934 713564

Will Human – will.human@sedgemoor.gov.uk 01278 641795




Will and Polly have both met with local residents to discuss planning applications and to offer their support and advice. The decision is made by the planning officer but if that is at variance with either the District Councillors or Parish Councils recommendations, then it is put to the Planning Committee. This is where all parties can put their views to a panel of District Councillors who could overturn the planning officer’s decision.


August was a quieter month in Council, but Will attended the Full Council meeting and had an Audit and Standards programme planning meeting which decides when these committees meet. Polly and Will both attended their respective Parish Council meetings.


Polly is very busy on matters related to highways issues and has been chasing up Somerset County Council to resolve them. The County Council is the body responsible for Highways.

There have been a lot of road closures and road works recently thanks to work from a number of utility and communications companies.  More are likely soon as National Grid begin their work on the new pylons which will have a big impact on Mark in particular. Please visit the Mark Village Website for ongoing information. There is also a ‘Mark Village Life’ Facebook group into which Will and Polly will add information as it becomes available.



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