Mark Community Action for Road Safety.

On Tuesday 3rd August Mark Community Action for Road Safety held its first meeting where several strategies were discussed to increase road safety in and through our village. In conjunction with Mark Parish Council, this group has been created to lobby for increased road safety in the village.


Several ideas were discussed and a start made on formulating a plan. The group will be asking for support in various ways to gets plans in motion



It will be crucial in the campaign to show there is full village support. The better the numbers the louder our voices become. A picture needs to be built on what road safety measures have been ignored and for how long. The group can be contacted via their Facebook private messenger page or via email to Please send the group any of the following:


- documentation you may have sent to the County Council, letters emails and so on.

- any correspondence sent to councillors or MPs

- and accidents (of any type) that have happened in the village.


Thank you for your help.

Together we can make the village safer for all road users.


Check Your Speed Campaign B3139 Watchfield to Wedmore


We have received the following from Road Safety Education


I am emailing to let you know that as part of our work with Avon & Somerset Police, the annual emphasis on traffic speed has been done differently this year.  It has been decided to focus on communities, like yours, which we are aware have raised speeding concerns regularly with us and the Police. The enforcement campaign has therefore been developed to include temporary Check Your Speed road safety signs, which will be used alongside of the enforcement activity. The focus is on areas, that have demonstrated concerns raised by community, may have an active Community SpeedWatch and there has been previous work done to resolve the problem, including enforcement and engineering solutions. Whilst the campaign concludes on Sunday August 8th, this is routine work for the police, so they will continue to encourage road users to check their speed.

If you have any queries, please let me know.

Nick Cowling – Service Manager Transport Data and Road Safety


Maintenance of Hedges next to Public Roads


If you own or occupy land next to a public road or footway you are responsible for maintaining hedges and trees to ensure that they do not obstruct the movement of vehicles and pedestrians or block the view of drivers. Traffic signs must not be obstructed nor the safety or convenience of road users affected. If this occurs you can be notified by the authorities such as Somerset Highways to trim the hedges in question.


In most cases roadside hedges should be cut in February. Cutting any hedge from the 1 March to the 31 August can be considered a cross compliance breach and can lead to penalties unless the operation is required for the health and safety of road users. If the hedges are not causing an obstruction to movement or view then they should not be cut in the closed period.


If you need to cut during the closed period in order to comply with the legislation you should ensure you have clear evidence for doing so and that you can comply with the Code of Practice for Safety at Street Works and Road Works.


You must also make a careful check for nesting birds and chicks, mark and avoid any possible nest sites and then proceed with caution. 


Do not cut the ‘field’ side of the hedge – only cut the side which faces the road and only the minimum length required to allow unrestricted movement of vehicles and pedestrians.


Hedge tops should only be cut where a view is obstructed at a junction or corner.  Remember to clear hedge trimmings from footpaths and roads as they can cause a hazard to pedestrians and road users.


County-wide Bus Services


Following the Government’s announcement in March of the new National Bus Strategy – ‘Bus Back Better’ a £3 billion pot of funding is being made available to improve bus services across the country and Somerset County Council can bid for a share of this in partnership with operators. But first, the Council needs to know about residents’ experience and where the gaps in services are.

You can take the survey at: -


Below is a summary of comments received from residents in response to the Mark Parish Council survey regarding the 67 Bus service, Burnham on Sea to Wedmore and on to Wells. A copy has been sent to Cllr Burrows who is co-ordinating the response from Parish surveys.


There is great appreciation of this service by all who use the bus and a continued service is a must for villages like Mark.


- Three buses/day running East through MARK  09-45 11-43 13-45. Which means that you can stay in Wells for 18mins or 2hours 57 mins

- Three buses running West through MARK 10-10 11-35 14-05 Which means that you can stay in BOS for 10 mins or 2hours 30mins.

- The option is not great, but it does mean that you can get to do shopping on any day of the week during the midday period.

- It is one bus going back and forward and therefore the only option when going to Wells or BOS is taking the first bus in and the last bus out.

- Most travellers are going to Burnham on Sea from Mark with the next highest journey going from Mark to Wells.

- More Buses to run all day giving great time slots this comment is on all the forms returned to the Parish Council

- Bus service to run on Saturdays and Sundays

- Smaller style buses would be good.

- For those using the bus service it’s the only way out of the village for them to go shopping visits to the Dentist or Doctors


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