Transporting Somerset held a meeting on the 17th July to discuss the 67 Bus Service which is subsidised by Parishes along its route. Revenue data from the first quarter is good suggesting that the Saturday Service in the current form will break even and not require an further subsidy at the end of this financial year. It was agreed to extend the Saturday Service until end of March 2020 in order to gain better understanding of seasonal fluctuations before making a longer-term decision.


The patronage information does however suggest that the majority of users are travelling from Wookey onwards towards Wells and the meeting agreed that the other Parishes contributing to the service along the route should advertise the service to the community in their areas.  Mark is a Parish with low usage so it is really a matter of “Using it or Losing the 67 Bus Service”.




Highway Matters


Car parking in the Parish regularly attract adverse comments.  Since Traffic enforcement is not desirable, social responsibility is expected and necessary to ensure that road safety is not compromised.  Much can be achieved by conforming to the Highway Code, for instance: Rule 243 –

Do not stop or park on the brow of a hill.

Opposite or within 10metres of a junction.

In front of an entrance to a property.

On a bend


Although the rules are not a legal requirement under the Road Traffic Act, failure to abide by them could mean that in the event of an accident or an incident, the Highway Code could be used in court proceedings in order to establish the extent of liability. Thus a poorly parked vehicle could be held wholly or partial liable.


Fly Tipping and Litter


There have been reports again of fly tipping in the Parish. The problem continues and the financial charges levied at public tips for commercial waste do not help the situation. However, some of the fly tipping is of household rubbish and is a result of some people showing a general lack of social awareness and concern over the unsightly nature and danger to the environment by depositing their rubbish in this manner.  Sedgemoor District Council is requested to move rubbish and the Parish Council organises an annual Village Clean-Up Day early in the year when there is less dense vegetation which makes the clean up easier.  That said, we all in the community as a whole need to keep verges and property boundaries free of litter throughout the year.


PLANNING (33/19)


33/19/00010/CM - Erection of Self Contained Annexe on site of existing Annexe to be demolished - Moor View, Yarrow Road, Mark, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4LW - Support




The July figure of visitors for the website records that usage continues to go up month by month, unless some of them are spam! In July 2019 there were 4237 visitors to the website.


Next Parish Council Meeting


Please Note - The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at the Church Hall starting at 7.00pm


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