A Meeting of Mark Parish Council was held in the Church Hall, Vicarage Road, Mark on Tuesday, 1st September 2020 at 7.00 p.m.  Strict social distancing was maintained.


County Councillor Report

County Councillor Huxtable had circulated a briefing report prior to the Meeting. He hoped that a highway safety scheme in the vicinity of Mark First School would soon go out to consultation. He undertook to chase up the completion of the signage to enable the extension of the speed limit at Blackford Road to be enforced.  A Virtual Meeting would be held to discuss the position regarding future funding of the 67 bus service.  A new climate change grant scheme had been launched to support green initiatives and might be of interest to the MCA. Possible unitary authorities for Somerset were also discussed.


Public Clock

It was noted that grants and donations amounting to £8.979.50 had been received towards the refurbishment of the clock. It was agreed to use this year’s contribution from Hadstone to help fund the work making a total of £10,686.62 against a cost of £19,344.00. The clock faces were removed from the tower on 6th August.



The financial balance of accounts is satisfactory but it was noted that the implication from the cost of refurbishment of the Clock will result in the need for constraints of future expenditure if the PC year's financial budget as set is to be maintained and reserves kept at a satisfactory level.


Authorisation for Payment

It was agreed that the following payments be made: -


DD          SDC                payroll                                   £937.50

000911   GWB Services   grass and hedge cutting          £668.25

000912   Parish Clerk      expenses & sundry payments  £243.21


Bank Reconciliation

A bank reconciliation as at 30th June 2020 was checked with the original bank statements and signed by the Members who did not sign cheques as part of the Council’s financial controls.


Planning Applications

The following new planning applications were considered with permission being recommended in each case: -

025 Erection of a timber framed glass enclosure for swimming pool, Rowhedge, The Causeway, Mark – Mr & Mrs J. Fisher


026 Erection of single and two storey extensions, Rowhedge, The Causeway, Mark – Mr & Mrs J. Fisher. 027 Erection of extensions to rear elevation, 2 Council Houses, The Causeway, Mark – L. Edgecombe.


It was agreed to confirm recommendations of permission made in connection with the following applications since the last Meeting: -


017 Demolition of shop and erection of a new shop and access track, Trevenna, Harp Road, Mark – Pophams Saddlery.


021 Change of use of Units 2 & 3 from offices to education with associated car parking, Poolbridge Business Centre, Blackford Road, Mark – Inaura School.


022 Demolition of rear extension and erection of replacement extension, Wayside Cottage, Church Street, Mark – L. Coulson.


Highway Matters

Subsidence at Vole Road had recently been reported. It was noted that all recent fly-tipping deposits had been reported to the District Council and subsequently removed. It was agreed to request the District Council to carry out work to a tree near the garages at Northwick Road.  National Grid had agreed to provide regular updates on their work in the village which would include the temporary closure of roads and rights of way.


It was agreed to leave the saplings at Jubilee Green in place until the spring and monitor the number still alive. Councillor Francis gave an update on the operation of Community Speed watch and also reported that the refurbishment of the fingerpost signs had been completed.


Play Area

It was noted that the wooden picnic benches were being refurbished and other improvements made to the Play Area. The Chairman and Councillor Mrs Weekes will be attending the Somerset Playing Fields’ Association Field of the Year Presentation Evening on 18th September.


Public Rights of Way

Reports had been received about overgrown vegetation on footpaths in the parish and especially the need to clear vegetation from AX23/15 north of The Wall. It was agreed to report that action was required to the County Public Rights of Way Officer.


Village Hall /Football Pitch Area

It was noted that the Mark Community Association were investigating improvements to the football pitch area including refurbishing the goalmouth which required remedial action.


Web-site Portfolio

Councillor Mrs Weekes reported upon statistics relating to visits to the web-site during August. Usage continued to be high. There was a discussion about the need for more pages of information on the web-site, and if proven necessary it was agreed to seek an increase in the number of pages for the web-site to use.


Mark Cricket Club

It was agreed to send a letter of support to the Cricket Club for use in connection with their applications for grants towards the cost of developing their new ground.


Next Parish Council Meeting

The next Meeting will be held on 3rd November 2020 starting at 7.00 p.m. at the Church Hall

















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