Somerset Bus Service Improvement Plan are part of them.  l

The following has been taken from Somerset’s Bus Service Improvement Plan.


Spotlight on Somerset’s Bus service Improvement Plan Aims and Objectives

More extensive and frequent network of services - Improve access and opportunity to travel by increasing the frequency and provision of bus services across the network to include evening and weekend travel and reducing journey times on key routes through a strategic network aligned to bus priorities and a flexible approach to feeder service provision. The longer-term aim being to establish more commercially viable services through increased patronage.


Reduce the cost of travel - Improve access for young people to education, training and employment and encourage families and groups to access social and leisure activities through reduced cost bus travel initiatives targeting the ‘next generation bus traveller, and four-year trials of local and reduced interurban travel products across the network.


Improved co-ordination – Intensively work with local bus operators and key stakeholders to ensure full integration between bus services and other modes across the network with a focus on rural connectivity, coordinated core corridors, enhanced cross-boundary services, and significantly increased Demand Responsive Transport.


An easily accessible and reliable network - Make it easier and more convenient for everyone to access and use public transport by focusing on the whole journey cycle, all passenger touch points, develop digital tools to enable real-time tracking and travel, and build in progressive bus priority measures to deliver improved punctuality and reliability.


A comfortable network with improved facilities – Focus initiatives to ensure a more comfortable experience and safer waiting environment for bus users across all parts of the journey cycle including the development of a bus stop design guide, an infrastructure hierarchy stimulated by service frequency and catchment population, and minimum passenger standards for buses used across the network.


Decarbonisation Plan - Reduce the carbon footprint in public transport provision, focusing on fleet replacement, minimum emission standards, infrastructure to support a move to a zero-emission fleet, electric buses for Taunton Park and Ride, and to enable modal shift to sustainable travel.


The Somerset County Council BSIP is an ambitious plan, focused on revitalising the local bus network, halting, and reversing the decline in local bus passenger use, meeting the aspirations set out by key stakeholders and the public through this process, and marking Somerset as a centre of excellence for rural transport provision


Highway issues on The Causeway at Mark School


We continue to discuss with Somerset Highways, the Police and others about work on improving road safety and reducing the disturbance to local residents from parked cars on The Causeway during school pick up and drop off times.


The Parish Council met with Fiona Robertson and Jo Collyer at Mark school to once again talk about the problems and several ideas to improve the situation were discussed at the meeting.


We are aware that the new road markings have caused some concern.  Whilst this is a Highways issue, we are trying together with Mark School to find a resolution to the congestion at drop-off and collection times.  Please continue to NOT park on the zig zag area at the front of the school or across residents’ driveways, as this reduces for all road users and adds to the already congested area.


Community Involvement National Grid Hinkley Connection Project - Clearance of bridleway AX17/30 alongside Mark Yeo


Over the last couple of months NG has started to build the world’s first operational T-pylons which have a single pole and T-shaped cross arms which hold the wires in a diamond ‘earring’ shape. They are around 35 metres high and about a third shorter than traditional 400,000volt steel lattice pylons. It also has a smaller footprint and will use less land.


We are delighted to let you know that National Grid, under their community engagement programmes with communities affected by the construction of the National Grid Hinkley Connection Project, supports projects and carry out work which will be of benefit to the local community and on October 26th National Grid carried out clearance work on bridleway AX 17/30 starting at the old bridge north of bridleway AX23/15.


National Grid do not just want to be working in communities but  to be part of them.


Next Meeting


The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd November 2021 at the Church Hall starting at 7.00pm





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