Clock Refurbishment Work


We are pleased to advise that the Church Clock refurbishment work has been completed including the clock faces being re-enamelled at the contractors works at Smiths of Derby. The clock faces were installed back on the on the church tower early in October and look very good. It’s great to see and hear the clock again.


Update from Somerset CC on the covid situation  


There is an ongoing rise of positive Coronavirus cases recorded in the county - also reflected in the national picture where cases continue to rise. To explain the reason for the sharp increases you’ll see across all districts, a significant proportion of these cases are Somerset students who tested positive whilst living on University campuses elsewhere in the country, but still count as Somerset cases.


We are involved in enhanced contact tracing, which has informed us that the majority of these cases are isolating at their university campuses.  However, we are also seeing a steady number of schools and workplaces across Somerset report cases, a stark reminder Coronavirus is here in our communities. We continue to support these settings with public health advice and guidance as needed. 


So, this week’s ‘takeaway’ message is one you are no doubt very familiar with by now.  Please remember that anyone can catch it and anyone can pass it on, so please continue to remain vigilant and follow the guidelines of ‘hands, face and space’ to prevent any further spread and help keep our communities safe.


Play Area


The Play area at Mark Village Hall is being used by many families during these difficult times and recently three Parish Councillor have carried out some repair work to the benches which we believe has improved the condition of the facility.


The play area is for all to use and it is the responsibility of the people using it to ensure that it is kept clean and not littered.  It is inspected regularly but we would also appreciate users reporting any damage or defects.


Fly Tipping and Roadside Litter


The Parish Council is keenly aware of fly-tipping and discarded rubbish thrown in verges and reports such deposits to Sedgemoor District Council.  Sedgemoor District Council Clean Surrounds has an investigation capability and will challenge suspects provided there is the evidence, such as labels, invoices, documents giving names and addresses and, of course, sightings.  Local intelligence of offenders is essential.  While ‘professional’ fly tippers tend not to leave anything linked to them, someone, somewhere knows who these people might be.  In the meantime, the Parish Council will continue to report deposits, at present about once a week. 





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