The following people have put themselves forward to stand for Mark Parish Council at the election of eight Parish Councillors on Thursday 5th May.


As only five residents have put themselves forward there will not be an election as such and the five will stand as Parish Councillors. The Parish Council will fill the remaining three places in the following weeks after 5th May 2022:


                                            David Champion

                                            Geoffrey Francis

                                            William Human

                                            Danny Kehoe

                                            Jendy Weekes




Very many thanks to those parishioners who were able to contribute to our annual ‘Spring clean’ on 18 March 2022. A significant amount of litter was collected, some undoubtedly been there for some time as we have not been able to hold a litter picking day for the last two years due to Covid. We were also most grateful to eight volunteers from National Grid who came along to lend a hand.




The site is getting well over 1,000 hits a month, and is read from many areas throughout the world!!

Councillor Mrs. Jendy Weekes receives updates for the website, especially events in the Parish, but would very much like to receive any information that Clubs and Organisations wish to be advertised.  She also lists events that are advertised in the Parish Magazine. It is thought that some Clubs and Organisations may have changed their contact details and therefore she requests that any changes are sent to her so that the website can be updated. Jendy can be contacted either through the website or on or both.  We would also like to receive details from businesses in the Parish who wish to be linked to the website




039 Application for the Prior Approval of the change of use of an agricultural building to a single dwelling and demolition of adjacent barn at Hart House, The Causeway, Mark - Mr & Mrs C. Smith. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 14.1.2022. Sedgemoor District Council REFUSED PERMISSION 10.2.2022.


040 Erection of replacement stables with haybarn and riding arena, Brook Farm, Dutch Road, Mark – D. Sears. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 5.2.2022.



001 Erection of a self-build dwelling and associated works adjacent to Webbers Cottages, Southwick Road, Mark – S. Vincent. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 31.1.2022. WITHDRAWN.


002 Change of use from agricultural land to equestrian and erection of barn, Rose Farm, Yarrow Road, Mark – Mrs D. Bayliss. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 1.3.2022.


003 Erection of a storage and animal shelter building opposite Portland House, The Causeway, Mark – S. Kerton. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 14.2.2022.


004 Application for the prior approval of the proposed change of use of an agricultural building to a dwelling, demolition of an adjacent barn and operational development, Corndell Farm. The Causeway, Mark – Mr & Mrs J. Griffin. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 23.2.2022. WITHDRAWN.


005 Erection of single storey rear extension, 23 Grange Paddock, Mark – D. Hanlon. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 9.3.2022. Sedgemoor District Council GRANTED PERMISSION 29.3.2022.


006 Erection of self-build dwelling, Longfield Farm, The Causeway, Mark – D. Haines. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 1.3.2022.




Next Meeting

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 26th April 2022 at the Church Hall starting at 7.00 p.m. to conclude financial matters prior to the May elections.


The first meeting of the Parish Council after the elections will be held on Tuesday 10th May 2022 at the Church Hall starting at 7.00pm.







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