MAY 2020






Mark Village Community Support.

We would, and know, the whole community would also like to give grateful thanks to the volunteers who have expressed a desire to provide support to members of the community who need support in these difficult times. More than 80 have come forward offering to pick up shopping or deliver medicine to the most vulnerable. The founder and administer Jan Horn said the response has been “overwhelming”. Thank you all.

What a caring and compassionate community we live in.


Walkers please pick up your pet dog’s poo.

In these difficult times it’s important that we keep clean our village lanes and countryside. There has been a marked increase in the amount of mess being left on roads and footpaths. Please pick up your dog’s poo and either dispose of the bag responsibly in the poo bin or any waste bin, or take it home with you.

Don’t hang the bag in a hedge or leave it on the grass. Why even bother picking it up if you are intending to just chuck it down again? It's not like it is just one person doing it - We see it all over the place. Dog poo bags hung everywhere – Why? Poo left on the ground for someone to step in –Why?

Unsightly unnecessary rubbish spoiling our beautiful countryside


Public Clock

With the present virus emergency in progress the repairs of the Public Clock may well have to be delayed until much later in the year. Be assured that the Parish Council fully intends to have the repairs carried out as soon as it’s possible for the work to be undertaken.

Public donations to date amounted to £2910 and grants have been received from the Nuttall Trust for £5000 and Mark PCC for £1000. Our thanks to you all for the generous donations/grants received so that our vintage Public Clock can be refurbished and put back into good order.


Cancellation of May meeting.

We are sorry to advise the cancellation, due to the current virus emergency, of the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council due to be held on 5th May 2020.

National Grid have also had to cancel their information event which was planned to be held in the afternoon of 5th May 2020.


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