MARCH 2020





Dogs and sheep – Walking with dogs:


This is the time of year that there are a lot of sheep with their lambs in fields around the Parish so please take extra care when out and about walking with your dogs.


It can be all too easy to become complacent when walking your dogs, after all it's something we do every day. But remember, the resulting loss of life if your dog escapes your control - even for a moment - can be devastating.


Don't be caught out - follow these top tips

  • Be aware of the effects of sheep-worrying, and let others know too.
  • Make sure you know where your dog is at all times.
  • If you're letting your dog off the lead be confident there are no livestock nearby.
  • Be sure that your dog will return to you promptly on command and if in doubt, keep them on the lead.


Update on Hinkley National Grid pylons:


National Grid are preparing to build T-pylons in our area. Stock fencing has been put up and they have started work to clear vegetation along the route of the new overhead lines. National Grid will continue to carry out surveys and investigations along the route as they prepare to start construction in May 2020. These include checking the condition of local roads where they will build accesses to construction areas. Temporary traffic lights will be used while surveying the road surface. The first work will be to build temporary accesses from the public roads into fields where T-pylons will be constructed. Temporary construction roads will be built along much of the route to help reduce the amount of construction traffic on local roads.


National Grid will be holding a Public Information Session for the Mark community on Tuesday 5th May 2020 in the afternoon at the Church Hall and will also be speaking at the Annual Parish Meeting in the evening. Information will be posted on the Parish Notice Boards nearer to the event.


Fly Tipping:


Fly-tipping is a crime punishable by fine or imprisonment, a blot on Somerset’s lovely landscape and a potential threat to human health and that of wildlife and domesticated animals through injury or by polluting the environment. A lot of it is going on around the Parish. There is no excuse for fly-tipping and we all need to fight it together. The advice is simple:

  • Never fly-tip yourself
  • Check that anyone taking waste away for you has the right licence and ask them where the waste will go
  • Never pay cash
  • Always get a proper receipt
  • Record names, contact details and information about vehicles
  • Take particular care in using social media to get waste removed

If you know about those who fly-tip, inform your district council immediately. To report a fly-tipping incident, or information about fly-tippers, contact your district council customer services.


Mark School Parking at Drop Off and Pick up Times:


Mark First School was originally built to educate the village children. It now attracts pupils from outside of the village, which has resulted in the increase of parking and traffic at drop-off and pick-up times along Mark Causeway. Most parents/guardians respect the limitations of Mark Causeway. While speeding is often cited as a high risk, the amount of traffic at drop off and pick-up times means that it is normally impossible for road users to speed. Traffic jams are not unknown and incidents can and do happen.  The risk to residents and road users during term is:

  • The exponential growth of parked cars and pedestrians
  • On both sides of Mark School to a total distance of about 800 metres
  • For an hour or more twice a day during term-time.

Negotiations to improve road safety and maintain the quality of life for those affected by the increased parking during term time and maintain road safety will be held and continue with the School Governors. Using the Highway Code as a guide, the Parish Council has requested that drivers turn off engines when waiting, do not park in front of access to properties and do not use private driveways for three-point turns.


The Planning Process:


Planning is probably the most contentious and most difficult subject that our Parish Council has to address and sometimes results into impoliteness. Some applications can be administered, after due consideration, usually by voting using e-mail with the result posted to our Parish Clerk. Others may result in debate either within the Parish Council or during representation from members of the Public either by letter/e-mail or verbally at meetings, such as with the affordable housing project.


It is important to appreciate that the Parish Council is a Consultee, as are members of the Public, and vote either Recommended or Not Recommended.  Applications are then passed to Sedgemoor District Council where they are reviewed by the Development Committee, in an executive role, which votes either Approved or Refused. It can and does override Parish Council recommendations, which happened with virtually every application from National Grid. Applicants also have right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol against a decision of the District Council.


Methods of Publicising Applications

  • Sedgemoor District Council notify residents in the vicinity on applications with details of how to make representations.
  • Sedgemoor District Council post notices near the entrance to sites, such on telegraph poles or a gate.
  • Sedgemoor District Council broadcasts planning applications to the local press e.g. Burnham Weekly News and on line.
  • Five days before the next scheduled Parish Council meeting, planning applications due for consideration are listed on the two Parish noticeboards at the Village Shop and the lay-by at Laurel Farm.
  • The Parish Council lists results of planning applications in the monthly Parish Briefing.


Public Clock:


Many of you will have received information concerning the refurbishment work required to the clock at the Church which was financed many years ago by the Parish and remains in their ownership and responsibility of the Parish.  Applications have been made for financial assistance from local organisations and the PCC and we have made an appeal to the community for donations to assist with the cost of the work.  If you would like to contribute it’s not too late. Payments may be made by:


BACS - Sort Code 60-04-12, Account No. 54174783, Ref. Parish Clock


Or by cheque made out to Mark Parish Council, and sent to the Parish Clerk, Mr Richard Young, 5 Channel Court, Burnham on Sea, TA8 1NE


or to The chairman, Mr Simon Emary, Mallards, Fishers Lane, Mark, TA9 4LZ


Or to any Council member.


Our thanks to everyone who has already made a donation.




The following applications were considered during the month:-


33/19/027 Erection of a single storey extension to link bungalow and garage, Rowena, Churchlands, Mark – Recommend permission

33/16/029 Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of dwellinghouse and formation of vehicular access, Norville, The Causeway, Mark - Recommend permission.

33/19/031 Application for prior approval for depositing waste material, Moorhouse Farm, Southwick Road, Mark,- Permitted Development

33/19/032 Formation of cricket pitch and square and erection of a pavilion to the west of Vole Road, Mark, Recommend permission

33/19/033 Erection of a single storey extension to rear and side elevation Laurel Dene, Southwick Road, Mark Recommend permission

33/19/034 Erection of agricultural building for livestock, Reed Farm, Southwick Road, Mark - Recommend permission

33/20/003 Erection of a single storey rear extension, on site of existing conservatory to be demolished. Installation of oil tank in the front garden.  Meadowside, Vole Road, Mark Recommend permission -

Help Keep Mark Tidy:


Were you aware that Mark has an annual litter and general debris clean-up day? Why not join the Parish Council and local residents, on Saturday 29th February at 10am at Mark Village Hall. Vole Road as we need your help to keep Mark looking good.


Next Meeting:


The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 at the Church Hall starting at 7.00pm.























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