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Blocked Sewerage System in Mark


The main sewerage system in Mark continues to have problems. Over the last few weeks there have been major problems with the main sewerage system pipe, down The Causeway, filling up with water.


You are probably aware that the sewerage system in Mark is a suction system dependant on regular suction valves throughout its length to create suction in the system. Wet Wipes, cotton buds, and other materials which do not break down or dissolve, that are flushed down the toilet, can cause blockage of these suction valves meaning the sewerage is not sucked back up the system.


Sewage flooding is miserable and can cause damage to you or your neighbours’ homes and we appeal to all households not to flush material and bathroom waste which will not decompose down your toilets.


The Planning Process:

Planning is probably the most contentious and most difficult subject that our Parish Council has to address.


Parish Councils have the right to be informed of planning applications within the parish. The Parish Council can give comments on planning applications whether they “support” or “object”. The local planning authority must take into account the views of the Parish or Town Councils.


Some applications can be administered, after due consideration, usually by voting using e-mail with the result posted to our Parish Clerk. Others may result in debate either within the Parish Council or during representation from members of the Public either by letter/e-mail or verbally at meetings. The Parish Council will only comment on what are known as “material considerations” – issues, for example, such as boundary disputes between neighbours or loss of views will not be considered.


The views of the community are important to the PC in reaching their decision and we welcome you sending us your views and comments on planning applications near you.

It is important to appreciate that the Parish Council is a Consultee, as are members of the Public. Applications and comments are passed to Sedgemoor District Council where they are reviewed by the Development Committee, in an executive role, which votes either Approved or Refused. It can and does override Parish Council recommendations.  Applicants also have right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol against a decision of the District Council.


Methods of Publicising Applications

  • Sedgemoor District Council notify residents in the vicinity on applications with details of how to make representations.
  • Sedgemoor District Council post notices near the entrance to sites, such on telegraph poles or a gate.
  • Sedgemoor District Council broadcasts planning applications to the local press e.g., Burnham Weekly News and on line.
  • Five days before the next scheduled Parish Council meeting, planning applications due for consideration are listed on the two Parish noticeboards at the Village Shop and the lay-by at Laurel Farm.

Fly Tipping and Roadside Litter


The Parish Council is keenly aware of fly-tipping and discarded rubbish thrown in verges and reports such deposits to Sedgemoor District Council.  Sedgemoor District Council Clean Surrounds has an investigation capability and will challenge suspects provided there is the evidence, such as labels, invoices, documents giving names and addresses and, of course, sightings.  Local intelligence of offenders is essential.  While ‘professional’ fly tippers tend not to leave anything linked to them, someone, somewhere knows who these people might be.  In the meantime, the Parish Council will continue to report deposits, at present about once a week. 


Advance Notice from the organiser - 2021 Great Weston Ride


This is an item regarding the 2021 Great Weston Ride, the challenge bike ride from Bristol to Weston-Super-Mare via the Mendips & Somerset Levels, to notify you of arrangements for this year’s event.


The route goes through Long Ashton, Barrow Gurney, Winford, Chew Stoke, Compton Martin, Ubley, Blagdon, Cheddar, Rodney Stoke, Wedmore, Mark, Highbridge, Burnham, Uphill and Weston so, as you can see, the event passes either through or near your local community, and this year’s Ride is scheduled to take place on Sunday 18th July 2021.


Ideally, we would have liked to have notified you about this much earlier (as per our normal practice), but we’re sure you can work out why we’ve had to leave it to this relatively late stage this year.  We do apologise for that, but we hope you understand that we wanted to have the best-possible understanding of the likely situation & conditions etc at the time of the event.


But obviously we’d still like to try to minimise any inconvenience that the Ride may cause by alerting as many people as possible in advance, and hopefully some people might also want to support - or even take part in – this major West Country challenge event.  And with the majority of participants coming from the Bristol and Somerset area it’s likely anyway that there will be people from your area already taking part.


Email Government Scam.

Published on May 24, 2021


Avon and Somerset Police are advising residents that there is an email claiming to be from the government that your National Insurance Number has been disabled due to fraudulent activity, the email claims that to reactivate your NIN number you must press the Red (Start Now) button shown on the attached document.  If you receive this email do not follow the instructions and DELETE immediately.


Next Meeting of Mark Parish Council


The next Meeting is planned to be held in the Church Hall, socially distanced of course, on 6th July 2021 starting at 7.00 p.m.  If Covid controls do not change on the 21st June other meeting arrangements will be made and the meeting may well be held remotely via Zoom.



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