A Meeting of Mark Parish Council was held in the Church Hall, Vicarage Lane, Mark on Tuesday, 14th December 2021 at 7.00 p.m.



Balance of Accounts

It was reported that the balance of accounts at 1st December were as follows –

Current £15,847.59, Reserve £28,505.41.

Authorisation for Payment

It was agreed that the following payments be authorised:-

000942 GWB Services   grass cutting                                                           £576.70

000943 Parish Clerk       expenses & reimbursement of sundry payments £688.06

Estimates 2022/23

The Council considered the draft estimates for 2022/23.

It was agreed that the Estimates be approved, the precept for 2022/23 would be kept at the present level of £17,600 and the Clerk’s salary be fixed at £4,000.



It was agreed to confirm recommendations of permission made in respect of the following applications –

031 Erection of replacement dwelling, The Homestead, Northwick Road, Mark – W. Howard

032 Erection of single storey dwelling and formation of access, Vicarage Lane Farm, Vicarage Lane, Mark – R. Catton and Mrs S. Campbell.

033 Remove deadwood and crown to nearest suitable growth, Walnut Tree, 23 Grange Paddock, Mark – D. Hanlon

The following new application was considered -

036 Proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to flexible use, Laurel Farm, The Causeway, Mark – Mr & Mrs J. Griffin – recommend refusal.


The Chairman outlined a letter received from a local resident regarding issues concerning response to a number of recent planning matters in the village. A draft response would be circulated to all Members for comment prior to despatch.


Concern was also expressed at the condition of buildings at Wainbridge Farm. National Grid had advised that they were in the process of transferring ownership from the Hinkley Connection Project team to National Grid UK property team who would then be responsible for the property. It was agreed to request an update on their plans for repairs and to raise concerns at the condition of the barns which were collapsing with a risk of endangering users of Harp Road. County Highways would also be alerted to this risk


Public Areas

Highway Matters

It was agreed to report fly-tipping at Blackford Road, near Totney Farm. Mr Bickers would be requested to repair railings at the junction of Northwick Road and Vole Road. County Highways had still not provided repeater signs at Blackford Road and it was agreed that consideration be given to a village gateway at a future date. Meetings had taken place to give detailed consideration to issues relating to parking in the vicinity of Mark First School. It was felt that greater police presence was required to deal with inconsiderate parking by parents.


Councillor Mrs Corkish had taken part in a Zoom Meeting organised by the Somerset Bus Partnership and representations on behalf of the Parish Council had been sent to the Minister for Roads, Buses and Places. It was agreed that a quotation be sought for the supply and installation of an additional dog waste bin at Littlemoor Road.


Councillor Francis reported that, following assistance from County Councillor Filmer, the new poles required for the additional SIDs had been installed by the County Council. One pole was incorrectly sited and this would be relocated to its correct location by Easter.


Play Area

It was noted that the play equipment annual inspection report did not indicate that any urgent repairs were required. The Chairman had arranged for the purchase of a new “No dogs” sign for the play area gate


Public Rights of Way

Members reported upon work carried out by National Grid to help clear AX23/15 and a need for further work.


Village Hall /Football Pitch Area

Councillor Mrs Weekes reported upon an issue of dog fouling on the football pitch.


Web-site Portfolio

Councillor Mrs Weekes reported that work was taking place to update information on the web-site.


H.M. The Queen – Platinum Jubilee

Members agreed in principle to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 by installing a new seat and planting a standard weeping willow tree at Jubilee Green and making a grant to Mark Community Association towards the cost of a village celebration event.


Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next Meeting be held on 1st March 2022 starting at 7.00 p.m.




During these difficult months it has been encouraging to see that the Play Area and other facilities at the Village Hall have been well used and given an opportunity to many for outside recreation. However, we have received complaints of dogs being taken into the Play Area which is an infringement of the usage rules posted on notices at the site.


Dogs in children's playgrounds can represent a major health and injury hazard:

1. Toxocariasis - a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites, most commonly found in cats, dogs and fox’s faeces.

2. Children and young adults are usually affected due to contact with contaminated soil or sand within play areas.

3. There is evidence that dogs can also carry E. coli and hepatitis in their faeces.

4. There are over 7,000 admissions to hospital for dog bites and attacks annually in the U.K


Dog Fouling on the Village Hall Football Pitch

We understand that the football pitch has to be cleared of dog poo before every match is able to take place.  If you walk your dog on the field at the hall PLEASE clear up after it.

There are many dog walkers who regularly clear up after their dog but there is still a minority we hope who do not and who do not keep watch on what your dog is up to! We, as a Parish Council, are always asking that you clear up after your dogs. Please take some dog poo bags with you and use them.


There are two dog bins - one on Jubilee Green and one at the Village Hall provided by the Parish Council. PLEASE use them!!!


Tackling dog fouling on the football pitch!


Please don’t let your dog foul up our Football Pitch.

As a dog owner or dog walker, you are required by law to collect and dispose of dog waste properly.




















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