MARCH 2021



View from Sedgemoor



It has been a very busy month since the last bulletin from Polly and Will.  Both attended the Axe Brue meeting which set the budget in line with anticipated works that are needed to keep the Ryhne drainage systems working well.  With higher than average rainfalls in recent years, this has become more and more challenging for the hard working engineers.  The Chief Executive has introduced new measures to be able to plan the future works and budgets more accurately for the next 5 years with the full support of the Board.  A new chairman for the Board was also elected.


Both also attended Full Council to agree the budget across Sedgemoor.  Although there will be the inevitable rise, Sedgemoor’s Council Tax rate is still one of the lowest in the Country whilst delivering an excellent service.  Sadly, the Chief Executive for Sedgemoor, Allison Griffin, is retiring and so a new one was appointed.  Robert Brown will be taking up the role with immediate effect but with Allison mentoring him until she leaves in April.  Robert has been with Sedgemoor since 2001and wants to carry on the great leadership that Allison has provided during her tenure as CEO.


Will spoke at a recent Planning Committee in opposition to the Strongvox application in Wedmore for an additional 38 houses on their existing build site.  Unfortunately, the Committee decided to support the Planning Officers recommendation and passed the application.


Will attended the recent Mark Parish council meeting (see Chairman’s report) and also took part in the first Speedwatch which has resumed after the lockdown period caused it to be suspended over last three months.


A number of ‘fly tips’ have been reported to Clean Surroundings over the last month and dealt with. Will has also reported some highways defects that will hopefully be addressed soon.  A tip when reporting fly tipping to aid collection is to use the ‘what three words’ app which locates anywhere in the Country to the nearest metre and is used by Clean Surroundings to find the location.  Report any fly tipping to


Will Human – 01278 641795

Polly Costello – 01934 713564






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