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Polly and Will both attended Full Council via Teams;  the session was confidential so we can't tell  you about it.


Polly spoke in favour of a local application at the Planning Committee, the officer's receommendation was to refuse but Polly, along with the help of Sue Worrall and the applicant, managed to get the recommendation turned around, thanks to some commen sense from the Committee, but it was a tight 7-8 in favour, but a victory none the less!


Both of us have been involved with some gardening duties this month ......... Will helped replant the pots in Burnham with winter pansies and Polly joined Green Wedmore pulling up nettles in the soon to be Worthington Woods project;  we were all tingling after that.  Polly also helped litter pick and found loads of empty plastic bottles in the ditches up at Heath House.


Will and Polly attended an Axe/Brue drainage board site visit as a bank had breached and is a flood risk.   There were four meetings in succession, totally 10 hours in all, drainage is a complex issue!  We had so many meetings as the CEO had reported a Grievance against him, so we were invited to attend an extraordinary meeting to discuss.  We also attended a fourth meeting to vote on a Strategic Review of Plant, Machinery and Manpower.


Will attended an Audit and Governance Meeting.


Polly chaired a Licensing and General Purposes committee.  Will was present as a committee member.  There was an interesting presentation from Lizzie Kingsbury from CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) about Gambling Harm Awareness.   The committee meeting followed this talk where we considered proposed amendments to the taxi Licensing Policy and Conditions.  Licensing panels were noted since the last Committee was held.


A brand new walk-through Coronavirus testing facility opened in Bridgwater on Sunday 8th November, as Somerset County Council makes testing more widely available and accessible.  


Achieved with the co-operation of Bridgwater Town Council, Serco and Deloitte, the walk-through site will be the first of its kind in the County and is one of two new sites set up recently, the other being at Yeovilton.  Testing is available only for those with coronavirus symptons - a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change to sense of smell or taste.  Anyone with one or more of these symptons should book a test at or by calling 119.


We both wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Covid-19 free New Year.  Let's hope that 2021 is easier for us all.






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