APRIL 2020



Mark and Wedmore Ward

Polly Costello – polly.costello@sedgemoor.gov.uk 01934 713564

Will Human – will.human@sedgemoor.gov.uk 01278 641795





Polly went along to The Adapting the Levels environmental meeting held at The Swan, there was as interesting talk from Nick Pyatt from TRIOSS, who is a climate specialist.  Ash die back was discussed and how we can mitigate for the future by planting different species of trees and how excess rain water can be stored to be used in the dryer months. Young Farmers are welcome to come along to these meetings as the future of local farming is in their hands.

Polly attended Wedmore Health and Wellbeing Project to make Wedmore a dementia friendly community, not just focusing on the patients with dementia but also their carers.  We discussed meeting with the local schools to talk to the pupils about dementia and how many of the local businesses are happy to take a training course, so they can help their customers with dementia.


Will attended an Audit and Governance committee meeting before future meetings were cancelled.  Both attended their various Parish Council meetings too.


Polly went along to the Talking Café in Nanny Ida’s and also went along to the Somerset Drainage Board Consortium AGM , which is a meeting of the Axe/Brue, Parrett, and North Somerset IDB board members.   We received a report from the chairman, Tony Bradford and also from the Chief Executive, Roger Burge.  Within these reports were the strategic review of machinery and manpower, water resources, enforcement of the land drainage act and the board’s byelaws.  Iain Sturdy gave us the engineer’s report, which contained operations and maintenance, development and control.


Polly chaired a Licensing Panel to consider an application for a full variation to an existing premises licence in respect of Ocean View Holiday Park in Brean, following several objections being received.  The licence was granted with several new conditions.


Obviously with the current virus crisis all meetings at SDC have been cancelled for the immediate future.  Both Will and Polly are heavily involved with helping their residents and communities at this horrible time, Polly is the coordinator for Wedmore and Will has volunteered for SDC’s distribution and helpers as well as an NHS helper.


We know there have been some issues with rubbish collections along with works to water leaks on the highway and that the tips are closed, but please remember that these are difficult times for all and if your bins aren’t collected it’s for a valid reason and SWP will try to collect them the following week….....everyone is experiencing difficulties and we must remember to be kind.


Please look after your neighbours, helping with shopping, prescription collections or simply a chat across the garden fence, keeping 2m apart, a simple chat can be all the comfort some people need.  Thank you to all those who have volunteered, some of whom haven’t been called upon to help yet, but it is early days and we really appreciate all the acts of kindness out there in our communities.    Remember the local food shops are all open for business and we can organize deliveries of groceries and prescriptions…....please DO NOT HESITATE in contacting us.




Polly and Will. 






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