A Meeting of Mark Parish Council was held in the Church Hall, Vicarage Lane, Mark on Tuesday, 2nd November 2021 at 7.00 p.m.


Report of the County Councillor


County Councillor Huxtable reported upon issues relating to Covid and highways. The County Council had agreed to arrange for a speed survey to be undertaken along Blackford Road.  Issues relating to highway safety in the vicinity of Mark First School and village gateway schemes were also discussed.




Balance of Accounts

It was reported that the balance of accounts at 1st October were as follows - Current £13,405.49, Reserve £28,504.93.


Authorisation for Payment

      It was agreed that the following payments be authorised:-

DD              SDC                  salary recharge                               £975.00

000939       GWB Services     grass cutting                                  £630.40

000940       Coram Construction

                                           Training  course fee                         £264.00

000941       Mark

                  Community Ass’n grant                                          £6,500.00


Bank Reconciliation

A bank reconciliation as at 30th September 2021 was checked with the original bank statements and signed by the Members who did not sign cheques as part of the Council’s financial controls.


Planning Portfolio

It was agreed to confirm a recommendation of permission made in respect of the following application:

028 Erection of agricultural building, Rookery Farm Creamery, Northwick Road, Mark – CS & JM Petheram.


The following new applications were considered:

003 Installation of three replacement first floor windows, Upper Southwick Farm, Southwick Road, Mark – Mrs I. Perry – recommend permission.


029 Demolition of outbuildings and erection of replacement farmhouse, Glebe Farm, Harp Road, Mark – M. Kidner – recommend conditional permission.


031 Erection of replacement dwelling, The Homestead, Northwick Road, Mark – W. Howard – defer for further consideration by Members.


Councillor Human undertook to contact National Grid regarding the condition of buildings at Wainbridge Farm.


Public Areas Portfolio

Highway Matters

It was agreed to report highway defects at the junction of Northwick Road and Vole Road.  A Working Party comprising the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillor Mrs Corkish would be formed to give detailed consideration to issues relating to parking in the vicinity of Mark First School. It was noted that a directional sign to the Bowls Club had been adjusted. Councillor Mrs Corkish would be taking part in a Zoom Meeting regarding bus services on 3rd November. A request for an additional dog waste bin to be located at Littlemoor Road would be considered with the Estimates for 2022/23.


Councillor Francis gave an update regarding the acquisition of more advanced SIDs for use in Mark, Burnham Without and East Huntspill. The new poles required for these SIDs had still not been installed by the County Council in Mark. Two SIDs would also be purchased by the Parish Council for installation at the eastern end of Blackford Road financed by donations from an appeal in memory of the late Lorraine Barrow.


Play Area

It was noted that GB Sport & Leisure had undertaken their annual inspection of the play equipment and that the report was awaited.


Public Rights of Way

Members reported upon work carried out by National Grid to help clear AX23/15 and a need for further work.


Village Hall /Football Pitch Area

Councillor Mrs Weekes reported that the Village Hall was being well used and a discussion took place regarding use of the football pitch by a junior football club this season.


Web-site Portfolio

Councillor Mrs Weekes had circulated statistics relating to the web-site.


Next Meeting


The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th December 2021 at the Church Hall starting at 7.00pm



How to fight fly tipping


Fly-tipping is a crime punishable by fine or imprisonment, a blot on Somerset’s lovely landscape and a potential threat to human health and that of wildlife and domesticated animals through injury or by polluting the environment. There is no excuse for fly-tipping and we all need to fight it together.  The advice is simple:

  • Never fly-tip yourself
  • Check that anyone taking waste away for you has the right licence and ask them where the waste will go
  • Never pay cash
  • Always get a proper receipt and a copy of the “waste transfer note”
  • Record names, contact details and information about vehicles
  • Take particular care in using social media to get waste removed

If you know about those who fly-tip, inform Sedgemoor district council immediately. To report a fly-tipping incident, or information about fly-tippers, contact Sedgemoor District Council customer services.


Highway issues on The Causeway at Mark School


We continue to discuss with Somerset Highways, the Police and others about work on improving road safety and reducing the disturbance to local residents from parked cars on The Causeway during school pick up and drop off times.

The Parish Council met with Fiona Robertson and Jo Collyer at Mark school to once again talk about the problems and several ideas to improve the situation were discussed at the meeting.


We also met Richard Greenwell, Constituency Support Officer to James Heappey MP, outside the school at the afternoon pick up time so that our MP is made fully aware of the Road Safety issues on The Causeway during school pick up and drop off times.


We are aware that the new road markings have caused some concern. Whilst this is a Highways issue, we are trying together with Mark School to find a resolution to the congestion at drop-off and collection times.  Please continue to NOT park on the zig zag area at the front of the school or across residents’ driveways, as this reduces access for all road users and adds to the already congested area.











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