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There have been a number of calls to MNHW complaining of SCAM phone calls, mainly from BT or HMRC, some even threatening.  If you receive a call from either of these bodies, or any other person, never give any personal information out over the phone.  DO NOT engage in conversation and hang up immediately.  Use 1471 to see the callers number and report to your telephone provider.  Use your telephone provider's number blocking service, also register with the telephone preference service for free.


Since 27th May 2019, there have been four thefts of motor bikes/mopeds, three in Cheddar and one in Axbridge.  The majority took place overnight but all owners should be aware and ensure that bikes are fully secured.


With summer now approaching and the weather getting warmer, please remember to close your windows before leaving your property.  Open windows are an invitation to burglars.  Garden/hand tools should be securely locked away when not in use.  Burglars do not carry a bag of tools when they go out - they look for what is to hand.  Spades/shovels/ladders, even small tools like trowels can be used to force a door or window.


July 2019


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