Reported to Mark Neighbourhood Watch:


4 Nov 17         Queensway Close. Attempted break-in.

4 Nov 17         Jubilee Green. BMW missed the Locksbroad corner, 

                        surfed across the Yarrow Yeo Rhyne and ended up in                            the field on the far bank!!

17 Nov 17       Harp Rd. Diesel siphoned from farm machinery.


Please note the new Community Beat Team.



The Festive Season can be ruined by loss, insecurity and carelessness, so it is worth taking a few simple protective security measures, in particular to protect e-mail accounts and web addresses.

  • Be aware of fake on-line shops. Check for on-line reviews and perhaps the contact details to verify trustworthiness of the supplier.
  • Protect your charitable goodwill by dealing only with bona fide charities. 
  • E-scammers often trap offering free vouchers for well-known brands and then take victims to a web link where they are asked for their details. Look for poor grammar and spellings. If in doubt, check the authenticity of the voucher by emailing the shop offering it.  
  • Advise card companies as soon as you can of a loss, otherwise you are liable for transactions.
  • Do not leave gifts and shopping in full view in vehicles and in residencies.  
  • Consider having a credit/debit card with a small amount of money only for electronic purchases. Prevents fraud. Fill it up when needed to avoid debt.


Finally, as always and with pleasure, Mark Neighbourhood Watch wishes everyone in Mark and the readers of the Parish Magazine a Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings. Thank you for ensuring that Mark takes its Crime Prevention seriously.   



Geoff Francis (Mark Co-ordinator)

01278 641388

Community Beat Team

PC 2357 Tracy Jones and PCSOs 7599 Jake Dade 9141 Bethany Harrington.  

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Senior Siren

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0800 555111

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Trading Standards/Consumer Direct 

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Vehicle Security Advice

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Block Premium Rate ‘phone calls

BT on 0800 800150

Bristol Water & Wessex Water

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