Planning Application numbers are allocated by Sedgemoor District Council. 

For further details of any application, click on the Sedgemoor Planning website






001 Erection of single storey extensions, Walnut Tree House, Yarrow Road - G. White. Mark Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 17.1.2018. SDC GRANTED PERMISSION 12.3.2018


002 Erection of two storey extension and terrace to south elevation, 1 Satfield Cottages, Littlemoor Road, Mark – Miss L. Campbell. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 17.1.2018. SDC GRANTED PERMISSION 15.3.2018


003 Erection of agricultural building for storing straw, feed and housing sheep and cattle, alterations to vehicular access and formation of new access track, Vole Road, Mark – Mr. & Mrs. M. Hodgson. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 29.3.2018.




005 & 006LB Erection of single storey extension to rear on site of outbuildings to be demolished and internal alterations, Old Auster, The Causeway, Mark – Mr. & Mrs. R. Conn. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 1.5.2018. SDC GRANTED PERMISSION 21.5.2018.




008 Conversion of 2 barns to dwellings, Corndell Farm, Mark Causeway – Mr. & Mrs. J. Griffin. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION 1.5.2018


009 Erection of garage, gym and stable building, Southwick House, Southwick Road, Mark – Mr. & Mrs. C. Larkin.


010 Erection of a steel portal framed building to cover an open cow yard, Chestnut Farm, Vole Road, Mark – G.A. Durston & Son. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION. SDC GRANTED PERMISSION 5.6.2018.




012 Erection of single storey extension, Stepping Stones, Fishers Lane, Mark – T. Norman. Parish Council RECOMMENDED PERMISSION.




014 Change of use of holiday let to residential dwelling, Magnolia House, The Causeway, Mark – J. Balson.






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