Alistair Gordon, Chairman of Burnham Without, has asked that we let the parishioners of Mark know about plans for the Watchfield Inn, which is currently closed.

Watchfield Inn update - February 2016



Enterprise Inns (EI) have finally replied to our formal query on what EI's future plans for the Watchfield Inn were - as we agreed we'd do as a result of the public meeting held at the village hall last year.


Enterprise Inns state they are still undecided over what to do next ! 


Since this letter was received Enterprise Inn's regional manager has been contacted directly to follow-up the possibility of a temporary tenancy - as was hinted at in their reply. 


Clive Smith (their regional manager) was asked directly about a possible tenancy - temporary or whatever - at the Watchfield Inn.


His responses to this genuine enquiry - made by an experienced pub manager - proved to be very disappointing (particularly for the potential tenant) 


The detailed feedback from the response received to the query by a third party was as follows; (in no particular order) ;


  • no to a temporary tenancy 
  • all costs involved in bringing building back into operation would need to be found by whoever took over the pub
  • "out of the question" for any site visit* (*to see what state the building was in & hence what costs might be involved) 
  • reference was made to the electrics in the pub being sub standard & needing lots of work done
  • there is no central heating in the building 
  • most kitchen equipment has been removed plus most of the pub furniture has gone elsewhere


NB no interest was shown or a note taken of the enquiry made nor were Enterprise Inns interested in logging any follow up phone number/contact details in case the pub circumstances changed etc etc 


To summarise then

little to no progress made




until Enterprise Inns (the property owners) are prepared to discuss with us/anyone what options exist & there is little progress we can make at this juncture.


Next steps? 


1. We shall continue to press Enterprise Inn's regularly & monthly for news of when they have decided what their future plans for the Inn are. - watch this space. 


2. We shall keep you all informed of any progress/news when we hear - via email for now. 


3. A second public meeting will be called when there is something tangible to discuss options, etc 


4. Meanwhile we have received ACV registration/recognition posters from DCLG/Govt. and these are displayed on the property. (copy also attached for your info) 



NB any proposed change of use to the Inn will still require planning consent




any proposal to sell the property has to be notified to Sedgemoor DC under the ACV registration rules and therefore to us


Again any questions/suggestions/thoughts? 


Please do share this update note with your neighbours, other locals and with anyone else interested 




Posted on the website - 21st April 2016

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