MINUTES of a Planning Meeting of Mark Parish Council held at Mark Village Hall on

Tuesday, 5th August 2014 at 7.00 p.m.


Present:- Councillors Mrs D. Bayliss, Mrs E. Corkish, S. Emary, G. Francis, Mrs C. Gibson, M. Schollar, N. van  der Bijl, and Mrs J. Weekes.



  1. Declarations of interest - Cllr Francis declared an interest over application 33/14/00022


  1. Comments Planning applications :-


Planning application 33/14/00022

  • Location: Syringa, The Causeway, Mark. Highbridge, TA9 4QA
  • Application: Erection of two-storey extensions to the East and West elevations
  • Applicant:  Mr & Mrs N Wright
  • Comment:  No Observations


Planning application 33/14/00024

  • Location: Land North East of, Chestnut Farm, Southwick Mark Highbridge
  • Application: Formation of Solar Photovoltaic Farm, generating up to 3MWp with associated ancillary infrastructure and access for a temporary period of up to 27 years.
  • Applicant: Hadstone Energy Limited
  • Comment:  Whilst we do not object in principle to this development we would like clarification from the applicant over the following issues. We consider that SDC should also expect the applicant to provide information and answers over the same issues to enable SDC to make an informed determination of the application.
  1. Construction is planned to be carried out in January and February, a potential wet period, when the track leading to the site from Yardwall Road could be very muddy. The damage and mess created  by construction traffic will have a significant negative impact on properties located along the track. How does the applicant plan to mitigate this.
  2. A public right of way runs through the site. How will public access be maintained along this footpath during the construction phase and when the development is completed.
  3. A bridge spanning Yardwall Drain /Rhyne is located on the current access track. How does the applicant plan to maintain the mechanical integrity of this light bridge.
  4. What Community Benefit will Mark receive from hosting this large commercial site located close to dwellings and along a public right of way.
  5. We would like clarification over the numbers of existing hedgerows/trees that will be removed from the site as we are concerned about the detrimental impact the development will have on existing  landscape features.
  6. To confirm that there will be no lighting on site after the construction phase.


Prior to discussion over Planning application 33/14/00026 Cllr Emary informed members on a visit he and Cllr Corkish had made to view the existing development and site at The Chestnuts, Poplar Lane Mark. They noted the demolition of single storey outbuildings due for conversion at Plot 3 due to their unstable nature and other than this was satisfied that the development new build construction was in accord with the proposals granted by SDC in  planning application 33/11/00019

Planning application 33/14/00026

  • Location: Plot 3 to the South of, The Chestnuts, Poplar Lane, Mark, Highbridge, TA9 4QU
  • Application: Erection of dwelling
  • Applicant: Darcy Property Developments Ltd.
  • Comment:  We support this planning application as we consider the design and in fact the whole development enhances the street scene.


Planning application 33/14/00028 Listed Building Consent

  • Location: Packhorse Inn, Church Street, Mark, Highbridge, TA9 4NF
  • Application: Internal alterations to convert pantry into two rooms
  • Applicant: Mr B Morley
  • Comment: We support this planning application as we consider that it will have no adverse impact on this listed building. It also does not affect the amenity value of any other nearby dwellings. Please note that the address on your web site should read Pack Horse Farm not Pack Horse In


Planning application 33/14/00029

  • Location: Penross, The Causeway, Mark, Highbridge, TA9
  • Application: Fell Oak (T1)
  • Applicant: Mr A Hockin
  • Comment:  We object to this planning application as we consider that the removal of this old Oak Tree will have a significant negative impact on the street scene. The tree is one of many significant trees along Mark Causeway which all contribute jointly to the rural scene and amenity of the area. We also consider that other measures could be taken to mitigate the damage of the growth of the tree as we understand that if some concrete is removed and a border constructed around the bole of the tree this would alleviate a trip hazard without the need to disturb tree roots and destabilise the tree.


  1. Any issues that should be reported to enforcement at Sedgemoor District Council - None


  1. Any other matters that members consider needed to be discussed - None.



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