MINUTES of a Planning Meeting of Mark Parish Council held at Mark Village Hall on

Tuesday, 19h August 2014 at 6.30 p.m.


Present:- Councillors Mrs D. Bayliss, S. Emary, G. Francis, Mrs C. Gibson, M. Schollar,  and Mrs J. Weekes.

Apologies:- Mrs E Corkish and N van der Bijl.



  1. Declarations of interest - None


  1. Comments Planning applications :-

Planning application 33/14/00025

Location: Victory House, Northwick Road, Mark, TA9 4PG

Application: Erection of first floor extension to side (East) elevation and alterations to existing ground floor kitchen and outhouse to include alteration to roof.

Applicant: Mr P Anderson

Comment:  We support this planning application as we consider that it will have no adverse effect on the street scene. There are no near neighbouring properties so amenity values will not be compromised.


Planning application 33/14/00027

Location: Land to the South of, 16 Littlemoor Road, Mark

Application: Application for the Prior Approval for the Change of Use of Agricultural Building to dwelling.

Applicant: Mr and Mrs House

Comment:  We object to this planning application for the following reasons.

  • Access to the site is planned via an unauthorised access which has previously been subject to an enforcement order. There have been numerous letters issued by Somerset Highways concerning this access on a blind bend in Littlemoor Road.
  • We consider the application does not conform with policy P6 of the Core Strategy. There is no exceptional need identified for development of the barns at this site.
  • Barn 1,The Dutch Barn, is of not substantial enough construction to comply with the requirements specified in policy P6 or the SDC Planning Guidance Note on the Conversion of Agricultural/Rural Buildings draft revised edition.
  • There is a lack of any amenity space detail for both dwellings identified in the application.
  • We have no objection in principle to the development of Barn 2, the stone brick barn which is properly constructed, with the proviso that access to the site is via the previous entrance to the land located further down Littlemoor Road.


Planning application 33/14/00034

Location: Land adjoining, The Scrap Yard, Northwick Road, TA9

Application: Removal of Hedgerow between A-B-C and E-F-G approx 300m in total

Applicant: R Puddy & Son

Comment: We support this planning application as we consider it is important that the landowner is able to clean out the ditches at this location. The applicant  is an experienced  farmer and should be given the opportunity to keep his land in good order and stock proof.


  1. Any issues that should be reported to enforcement at Sedgemoor District Council - None


  1. Any other matters that members consider needed to be discussed - It was agreed to speak to members regarding 33/14/00020, Highbury House at the next SDC Development Control Committee meeting..



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