MINUTES of a Planning Meeting of Mark Parish Council held at Mark Village Hall on

Tuesday, 18th November 2014 at 6.30 p.m.


Present:- Councillors N Van der Bijl, Mrs E Corkish, S. Emary, G Francis, Mrs C Gibson and M. Schollar.

Apologies:- Mrs D. Bayliss

In Attendance:-  Mrs J Paphitis, Mr C Holdon



  1. Declarations of interest - None


  1. Comments Planning applications :-

Planning application 33/14/00036

  • Location: 25 Queensway Close, Mark
  • Application: Rear Extension with conversion into bungalow with annexe. New single skin apex roof garage.
  • Applicant:  Mrs L Franks

-   Comment: We support this planning application as we consider it complies with policy D2 of the SDC Core Strategy. We consider that it has no harm on the amenity value of nearby buildings or the wider area.


Planning application 33/14/00047

  • Location: Ingleside, The Causeway, Mark
  • Application: Change of use and conversion of storage shed to holiday lets.
  • Applicant: Mr K Leavey

-   Comment: We object to this planning application as we consider it does not accord with the Planning Guidance Note on Conversion of Rural Buildings issued by Sedgemoor District Council. We consider that the shed is not worthy or appropriate for conversion. Part of the storage shed is constructed from single skin block-work with an extension to the main shed and garage attached to the front constructed in wood. We consider that conversion to the proposed use will require significant rebuilding  and alteration. Access  to the site has limited visibility and is close to a sharp bend and we are concerned that it will constitute a hazard to road safety at this point along Mark Causeway.  


Planning application 33/14/00048

  • Location: The Old Post House, Church Street, Mark
  • Application: Formation of access.
  • Applicant:  Mrs J Cawle.
  • Comment: We support this planning application subject to County Highways having no objection to the change to the kerb and access to this property at this location.


Planning application 33/14/00049

  • Location: Rhineside, Kingsway, Mark
  • Application: Erection of extension to rear (East) elevation of garage.
  • Applicant:  Mr P Wright.
  • Comment: No Observations.


  1. Any issues that should be reported to enforcement at Sedgemoor District Council - None


  1. Any other matters that members consider needed to be discussed - Nothing.
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